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    Default guests at resorts

    Im getting married Nov 2012. My question is I want my family there , I have 3 sisters which 2 are married and 1 is not so she is single. And 28yrs old. We are planning to go to the CSA resort . I know it says couples but has anyone else had problems getting a single on the resorts and do they charge more for single and how much. I really want my sisters there.

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    Yes, they will accommodate a very limited number of "single" guests as part of wedding parties. Contact the resort directly. Can't answer the price question.

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    You probably should seek the help of a good /couples reccommended travel agent.

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    The rules are (used to be?) that a maximum of 10% of wedding guests can be single. All rooms are double, so she will have to pay the full price for a room, double what everyone else pays.
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    Don't quote me but they may charge her the same price as if she was a couple. There are only couples there. Please contact the Couples' office direct and speak to them to get the correct price. She may want to stay at another resort - cannot recommend any - and just might meet someone (if there is no one in her life) and fall in love. Then she may want to spend a magnificent vacation at Couples.


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