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    Can someone please tell me if there are American beers included in the all inclusive and is there a stocked fridge in the room? We are booking for May! So excited!!!!

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    As far as I can remember, the main American beer you can get is Miller Lite. I was alwasy going to try to bring me an extra suitcase full of beer but I always seem to survive!

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    There is very little American beer but what is is included. There is also a stocked fridge with whatever you want. You will get a check list to fill out. If you have never tried Red Stripe, try it. It's good. We're heading to CN tomorrow morning for our third trip there. Can't Wait!

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    You are going out of the country, man. Enjoy what is different.

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    Red Strips is everywhere, it's delicious, learn to love it. If you're looking for a darker beer... try Dragon Stout. Delicious. I had it just off of the resort at CSA (the 'bar' next door on the beach) and then found it again in Belize last year. I'm packing light to CTI in May so I can bring back at least 12 Dragons. So good! I"ll probably also bring down a few of my favorite Texas micro brews (St. Arnold) to sip on out on the balcony (just to add another country to the tally of where I've consumed some) If you don't like the Red Stripe, there's always the Bob Marley shots... those will set you right... enjoy paradise!

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    The only thing you can get in the fridge in the room is Carib ...... Terrible ..... better off walking to the bar.
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    Try the Red Stripe! It's different that "american beer" but that's the beauty of trying it in Jamaica.

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    I find Red Stripe to be as close to the regular American beers (Bud, Miller, Coors) that it really doesn't matter. (no offense to anyone who is a strong proponent of Bud, Miller or Coors...or to anyone who hates's beer, it's all good mon!)

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    I must be different when it comes to beer drinking. I will never forget my first foray outside of North America, I could not wait to try different beer in Venezuela. Every country I visit, I must try their beer, and a lot of varieties of their beer. My wife hopes one of these days we will travel to a country that has no beer or no beer I like. When I am here in the states, I tend not to try different beers, that is why I said I must be different.

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    Trust me, you will acquire a taste for Red Stripe. I was pretty much only a Bud Light drinker and I have taken quite a liking to Red Stripe. Its even better on the island, on the beach in a swimsuit than home at the lake or in the hot tub! Appletons, on the other hand only tastes good to me in Jamaica. Don't know why. Probably because I can't make a drink as good as any of the CN bartenders!

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    I think the Appleton Rum tastes different in the states than it does in Jamaica. I mean, it's still good...but when you buy it from, or drink it from Jamaica it sort of tastes like they added a bit of beach to it. It even smells like the beach to me. I don't get the same smell when I open a bottle purchased here in the states. Of course, it might just be in my mind..but I don't think so. They must add a little something special down there to make it taste so good that they can't have in the US versions!

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    I know this is silly, but being able to do a checklist to say what we want in the mini fridge is seriously exciting. Lol I cannot wait to get there and experience everything y'all talk about here on the boards ..

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    I love Red Stripe!!!!

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    Caribe cans, which are in the mini-fridge is not from Jamaica.

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    Oh, PS, I would be happy to pay extra and use my resort credits to have Red Stripe light in the mini-fridge to save the hassle of going to the store to buy some.

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    You get Carib in your stocked fridge, it is just as taste free as miller lite/bud lite. If you are used to those, you will be fine with Carib. I am a beer drinker in the US, but I always find lots to drink in Jamaica. Once you try rum cream, you wont want beer all week.

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    Totally agree IACouple.
    Rum Cream in my coffee....mmmm!

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