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    I have never been treated with so much love and respect as I was at Couples negril. Took my love's ashes there to spread in the ocean. They sent flowers to my room and even provided a boat to take my sweet man's ashes out to sea. What a first class operation!!! Thanks to Karen Lanigan and everyone else that works at Couples negril!! And of course.. Randymon!! To be honest... it was bittersweet.. But they made it so special that I was totally humbled... One love... Kim Robinson.. RIP my Wayner

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    Dear Kimarob,
    That is so nice! How thoughtful of Karen Lanigan to make it even more meaningful for you. What a beautiful gesture.

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    i hope my love will do the same with mine some day, to live for ever in my second love , jamaica , one love

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    Kim -
    I am so sorry for your loss. You and Wayner will be in my thoughts each and every time I return to CN.

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