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Thread: Feb. 2012???

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    Default Feb. 2012???

    Everyone talking around the month of Feb. but not seeing the role-call for it!
    Was at CTI first week of Feb. in 2010 going back to this splendid resort, Feb. 5-11th. ( after a three night stay at CSS).
    We love the dive guys, and cant wait to get out on and under the sea with all of them. Anyone else gonna be diving at this time?
    90 days to sun, rum, & bum on the island
    One love,
    Barb & Mark

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    My wife and I are going for our first time to CTI Feb 12-19. We can't wait!

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    Hi Allisirie,

    We'll be at CTI from Jan. 30th to Feb. 6th. We did CSS last year. No diving for us, but can't wait to plant our feet in the warm sand...

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    We will be there Feb 11 - Feb 28 for our 9th visit. We meet up with couples from the UK, Canada and Michigan's UP. We come from Michigan. Only 76 more days until we're HOME again.

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    We are from the UK and on our 1st visit to Couples. We will be there between 16th-23rd Feb.
    Cannot wait

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    we are going to be there feb 27-march5! this is our honeymoon, our first trip to cti, but our fourth trip to couples. i cant wait-should be the perfect time to get out of cold, dreary winter wisconsin. we are looking forward to making new couples friends! maybe we should post picts so we can know each other's faces before we get there?

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    Being from Maine we can relate to looking forward to a mid-winter escape! ... We will be at CTI 2/26-3/3 and will be getting married in a beach ceromony 2/29.

    Looking forward to meeting you!

    Chele' & David

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    Hello we will be coming to tower isle for our first time feb. 4th to 11th!!! no diving for us, but snorkel, sand and warmth!!! can not wait
    Oh lets not forget the rum...hope ebveryone says hi!
    Dan & Lisa

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    My GF and I will be at CTI 2.19-2.26. Our first visit. I have not seen the mention of any one bringing golf clubs.

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    Only 3 weeks to go! My wife and I are really looking forward to this vaca. See everyone there 12-19 Feb!!

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    We will be there Feb. 13-18 for our first trip to Jamaica and CTI!! Can't wait!! 18 days!!!

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    Feb. 10-14th for us! Fourth visit, wish it were longer! Snowing in Iowa right now, just makes it better!

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    See everyone in two days!!!! Yea....Barb & Mark

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