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    I am a certified diver that dives several times a year with work. I was wondering about what type of dives do they do at CSA and what do you see? Im also interested in doing a night dive.



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    There are two dives daily. The Open water cert. dive is the shallower of the two and goes out at 1:30 Sun. through Fri. Sat. being a two tank dive. The morning dive goes out at 9 and is for Advanced Open Water Cert. only. That dive is aprox 85 ft. As far as what you'll see, you know, every dive is diff. It's not Cozumel but the vis. is really good. I've seen turtles,dolphins [rarely], sharks [nurse], rays, sea snakes, lobsters, lion fish, the occasional mermaid, and alot of fish, but most being small. A couplel of swim throughs and swim unders. It's all good. The night dive is not included in the all inc. and is , I believe $50. U.S. Have a ball.

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    All of the dives are reef dives, and, depending on the currents that day, may or may not involve some drifting. In addition to the 2 plane wrecks and many swim-throughs, as for marine life, we have seen lots of parrotfish, puffers, crab (several species), lobster (Caribbean spiny and slipper), eels (spotted moray, green moray, and sharptail, which some call sea snakes), nurse sharks, rays (southern sting, yellow sting, and electric), flounder (several species, but the peacock is our favorite), hawksbill turtles, Caribbean reef octopus, jellyfish (several species), spotted drum, king mackerel, flying gurnard, sand divers, blenny (a couple different species), bottlenose dolphin (there is a group of 3 that is constantly roaming the area), banded shrimp, anemone (several species), urchin (several species), and the dreaded lionfish (we wish them a long and happy life, just not in the Caribbean!). Last year, some of the CN SCUBA guys were out in the boat one morning, and saw 3 killer whales near Frenchman's Cove. This was a total one-off occurence, but they did get some cool pics up on Facebook.

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