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    Default Wifi service at CSS

    Is there wifi service outside the internet & game room? Specifically, can you get a wifi signal at the beach (SSB) and in your room?

    CSS April 29-May 10, 2013

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    Anyone with input?

    CSS April 29-May 10, 2013

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    Was there in Dec.2010 and had great Wi-Fi from room. Didnt try by beach. You will Love the Resort!!!

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    We were there last year and we had WiFi on our balcony located at the far end of the resort (pool area). Used Skype and emails. Have a good trip.

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    When we were there a year ago you could get it in your room but I did not try at SSB. Our room was in the building nearest SSB but that is still a long way off from the beach.

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    We've been to CSS twice and had sketchy WiFi signals. Best is by the lobby. Got an 'ok' signal in E block. Skyped home to the kids.

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    Skype is the biggest reason I ask. We plan to use skype or apple's facetime for communicating back home. We also want to be able to use our Nook e-readers if we read a lot while chilaxing on the beach!

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    We were there last April. Never tried the beach but we had a strong signal in our room. Skype'd the kids when we felt compelled. ;-)

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    My wife and I returned to CSS over the New ear's period for our sixth time. Usually shut off all electronic devices - this time she got good reception on her iPod in our room and main pool area - I even ordered on-line books with my e-reader while relaxing poolside through resort WiFi ... service appeared stronger the closer to room units you would get ... Relax and Enjoy!

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    Like others have said, the signal is very good in the room. I do not know how good it was at the beach.
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    Its good to know the wifi service is at least good enough in the rooms for skype. Thanks everyone for the help!

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    I had no problem in D block in the room or on the balconey

    Could not get a good signal on my iPad at SSB
    I only tried one day after that I turned the Wifi off and just read on it


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