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    Default Sunscreen recommendations

    I'm wondering if anyone out there has any recommendations on a good sunscreen that will give me a lot of protection without the constant need to reapply. I have a fairly light complexion, burn pretty easily and sadly have a not a lot of hair to protect my head.

    My concern is that when I'm sitting on the beach with my wife next to me, after a few drinks the sand gravity is going to prevent me from wanting to put more sunscreen on.


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    Wear a hat and reapply often! SPF 30 for sure if you are fair skinned. The sun is intense so don't get lazy or you will pay dearly!

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    We found P20 to be perfect - just apply first thing in morning and wait for 15 minutes before covering with clothing, hat, etc and you're set to go all day. We swam and sunbathed all day without burning or having to reapply. You do need to take care after swimming not to dry off with your towel, just 'air dry' in the sun! I too am very fair skinned and burn easily and my husband has the same 'hair problem' but since we discovered P20 - no more burn and no more constantly re-applying suncream.

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    I use the walmart brand, but saddly for it work you need to put it on before you leave your room and then everyfew hours or after gettingout of the water. This is true of all sunscreen. But if you find the sand gravity to hard to to over come ask your love to help. I do not recommend the spray. A bad sun burn can ruin a trip. But this is just this red heads opinion.

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    Coppertone sport spray spf 50, water resistant and easy to apply and re-apply

    be carefull, a nasty burn early on your trip can ruin everything, including naps ;-)

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    Less drinks to reduce sand gravity? No, sorry, bad idea, your in Jaimaica. Find a palm tree!

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    I'm a red-head who can burn in 10 minutes in Missouri. I was worried about being in Jamaica. Granted, I tanned before we went so I had a base, but I used Banana Boat SPF 50 waterproof aerosol and only applied first thing in the morning and didn't get so much as pink while we were there. I used a cream on my face. I highly recommend it.

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    My husband and I usually apply sunscreen be fore we leave the room. After a few hours, I have too re apply, but, I usually apply some lotion. I just like the miosturizer. My husband usually has to reapply extra sunscreen to his knees!!! He always gets a sun burn on his knees!!! hahah!! We use 30 the whole week. I do get a nice tan.
    One Love,

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    I've used Biotherm Spf 30 when golfing in the hot sun for six hours and did not get burnt. I'ts the best quality sunscreen out there, and I've used a few. I've spent more on sprays, (Roc) and felt that they did not live up. I live in the cold Prairies and for all south destinations I only use Biotherm, sold at Shopper's Drug Mart. (no I don't work for them, lol)

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    My personal preference is Aveeno SPF 50 & 30. The lotion goes on creamy and feels like a nourishing body lotion. It does the trick for hubby and me. I start off with SPF 50 (and reapply it frequently on my knees, hands and feet). After a couple of days, I can begin to apply SPF 30. You will get a nice tan and hopefully NOT burn if you apply a good sunsreen frequently throughout the day. Don't forget your ears!!!! I am constantly reminding him to apply lotion on his ears! Have fun!!!

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    Do not buy the Wallmart spray brand. It leaves like a film of glue on you and your clothes. It will turn tshirts, etc. yellow. We are going to buy a top quaility spary for this June.
    Any reccomendations on a high quility spary?

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    First apply in before you leave for breakfast in the morning. The sunscreen needs time to activate. Unfortunately, there is no getting out of reapplying often--at least not if you don't want to get burned. Wear a hat and reapply often--even the waterproof, sweatproof ones that last hours, you need to reapply.

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    I absolutely agree with the P20 recommendation. Used it last year in Antigua with "English winter pale" skin. Applied before dressing in the morning. Played tennis all morning, then rinsed off (no soap though), then swam in the afternoon... and no burns. It dries with no white film or residue. I would only reapply if I rubbed myself with a towel (wiped face, etc). Otherwise, no burn but I DID get tan. WARNING: P20 is a thin liquid, it dries quickly but do wait until it is COMPLETELY dry before dressing. Otherwise will leave a yellow mark. (Which does wash out with that Oxy laundry additive.) It is comparatively expensive, but using once per day means you use 4 - 5x less than the cheaper brands and don't risk burning. So better all around in my view. From the UK, can buy it at Duty Free. Also be sure to take a separate lip balm with high SPF!!

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    I live in the Pacific NW and don't get a lot of sun on my pasty white skin! I recommend AloeGator Lotion SPF 40 (not the gel which is the consistency of Vaseline). I used AloeGator while in the Mexican Riviera and didn't get burned. Apply in the morning and wait a few minutes before getting dressed. I did use additional sunscreen, Neutrogena Sensitive Skin for my face, throughout the day. AloeGator also comes in SPF 15 if you want to build up your tan.

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    One thing I forgot to mention is you only need to apply AloeGator once all day. It's an eight hour sunscreen and I found it really does last 8 hours. I did reapply a couple of times the first few days because I couldn't believe it would work, but it did!!!

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    What is P20 and where do you buy it?

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    California Tan by Heliotherapy, available on We apply half hour before going out in the AM and never again thru out the day, we do not burn easy but we use 15 on the body 30 on the face, if you use the 30 you should be good to go. We have been using this 15 years all thru out the Caribbean and Central America.

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    We use Coppertone Sport SPF 15 in lotion (not spray). We apply it before we go out and only reapply if we've done a lot of swimming. It does leave yellow marks on the white towel, but we don't get burned.

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    I work outside for a living. Roofing contractor. Runner44 has the application and strenght down. I use a 50 Sport on face and chest and a 30 Sport for everthing else. The Sport is water and sweat resistant. My wife and I put it on before we leave the room, and wait 20 min. before we even lean back on a lounger so the screen doesn,t come off on the towel. I keep with the 50 on the face, but might drop to a 15 on arms and legs latter in the trip. Find a palm tree and follow the shadow. Stay north of the tree. One last thing, forget the spray.

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    Hi va couple
    P20 is a sunscreen protection lotion which dries to leave a transparent coating on the skin which protects from sun burn for up to 6/8 hours provided you wait 15 minutes for it to dry before dressing or going into the sun. It is widely available in the UK and we usually purchase our supply in the airport Duty Free as it is cheaper there. Check out your major pharmacies, supermarkets chains, etc. otherwise it is also available online from Amazon.

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    We LOVE Ocean Potion... I have very fair skin and the SPF15 seems to work just fine, it filters the harming rays while still letting me "tan". And not to mention, it smells great!

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    Okay, looked up P20 on Amazon. How long will a 200ml bottle last? For a trip of 7-10 days, how many bottles should we take with us? Is it a spray or lotion?

    CSS April 29-May 10, 2013

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    Hi. P20 is actually a liquid, in a bottle with a screw top and an insert to control the flow when opened. One of the larger bottles lasted me for a 14 day stay in Antigua, me using all over and partner using on his face/shoulders. I would say take 2 bottles to be sure and FOLLOW the package instructions to the letter. Be sure to apply thoroughly and evenly, and allow to dry fully before dressing. But since you only apply once/day, you don't need nearly as much as you would with ordinary sunblock. Bonus for me is that it doesn't make my face break out either - and is OK for sports as it doesn't sweat off. (Sorry if I am gushing, but was just very impressed. Used to use Coppertone Sport Waterproof which was OK but did need reapplying about 2x per day and left a white film.) Suggest packing in a Ziplock though, just in case there are any leaks in transit!!

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    Neutrogena SPF 75 for sensitive skin is the way to go! I am a blond hair blue eye of European descent and can burn while in a rain storm sitting under a tree fully dressed!

    Walgreens has their own version at 1/2 the cost with the same ingredients. I am going to try this year...but will still be taking the Neutrogena just in case.

    I use this on my face, ears, scalp and arms for the past 2 years with NO problems at all. For the past 20+ years I have tried so many different products but always looked like Rudolph after a couple of hours in the sun. What a great relief to finally find something that works!!

    The rest of my body I use Walgreens 50 for the first few days then 30 then 15 by the end of the 14 days.

    Please think twice before you use NO AD products. I used to use these products exclusively since they were inexpensive and they DO WORK. Then one year I had my fingernails done the day before we left on vacation. The first day we were preparing to for the beach I lathered myself all up only to realize my perfect nails had been melted by the sunscreen. OMG!! If this stuff could melt gel nails and nail polish what was it doing to my body?

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