All takes a LOT to get me on board an airplane. I'll admit it. My mother-in-law has to supply me with some "airplane pills". It doesn't hurt to have a daybreak cocktail to get things soft for me.
I'm a mess in the air. I don't like it cuz I don't know if everything is cool. "That bump...that waggle...we still OK?" I am a terrible passenger in a car...if I drive then ...I'm cool. If I'M in worries mon.
So here I am...staring down the barrel of another 2-flight (each way) trip back home (to CN) in about 80 days.
And don't mess around...I AM going. There's no "if this" or "if that"...DADDY'S GOING HOME kids, just don't u worry.
So I've downloaded the app on my iPhone from SOAR. It's groovy. But...when push comes to this little app going to help me? HELP me? Really? anyone where I am with this flying business? More to the point, does anyone have any good cures for me? Tried anything that helped?
ANY input here would be remarkably helpful. Your help would most likely earn you a souvenir from Negril (and I'd write a profoundly fancy haiku on it and send it to ya)