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    Default When to book for Nov/Dec 2012

    Hi All Couples Experts,

    We are thinking about booking CSS for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. It looks like Christmas dates are sold out at CSS, but we will call to be sure. Also, looks like rates will go up mid-March. Since it's so far in advance, flight options will probably get better with time. In the past we've always found the hotel + flight option though Couples was the best deal, but we may wait and book flight separately this time.

    Any advice on book now vs. wait until March?
    Call to investigate rooms available at CSS over Christmas 2012?
    Wait to book flight?

    Thank you!

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    book now or risk not getting your room type!!
    Randi & Sherri
    17x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    Hi randi&sherri,
    My husband and I have spent the week between Christmas and New Year's at CSS for the last two years. If you look closely at the rate chart, all that is available is up to December 25, 2012. Randy will be announcing the rates for 2013--which starts as of December 26, 2012--sometime at the end of this month. You can call the 800 number now and book your rate and when Randy announces the early booking schedule and rates, you can call back and see if you qualify for any price savings.

    Hope this helps,

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    Well that would have been in 2011 with the love away plan...but think ahead next time for 2013. The sooner the better, and watch the Wed specials for any surprise offerings, If you book with Couples they will gladly accommodate :-)

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