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    I've never been to Couples or Jamaica. I have little travel experience in general. Only been a few "real" vacations in my life(my husband I never even got a real honeymoon, and we will be celebrating our 12th anniversary this summer) and I will be 30 this summer and have never flown out of the country either! And none of those were much to brag about, and one was free and booked by my husbands company so I had no say in what we did. Therefore, when looking to book this trip I was totally lost. All I knew is I wanted to go to the carribean and wanted an AI resort. I decided to focus on Couples resorts, between the reviews, cost, and inclusions, it seemed like the way to go. At first I was drawn to CTI because of the cost and additional tours that were included, then when I got a FB resort credit it seemed like a no brainer. But with further research I wondered if I made the right choice. I like the idea of CTI, but am thinking I may disappointed in the size of the beach and resort itself. Plus I have been hearing the weather and water isn't as mild either. Like I said I don't have alot of vacation experience and so I am not even sure what I will even like more. So now I am torn. I have already made my reservation and now the prices have gone up so I don't think it would be financially sound to switch now! I also thought maybe I could do a split, but we are only going for 7 nights and that doesn't seem like enough time to split it either. I would really like to see the Negril side too, and had hopes that possibly we could go next year to that side, but with 4 small children the odds of getting to go on another vacation for a while after this seems pretty slim. Any suggestions?

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    Stick with CTI.

    We were in your shoes 2 years ago. We have 3 small kids, been married 15 years, never had a honeymoon, never been out of the country. We took a shot at CSS and it was the best decision we made! We went back last year and booked for 2013.

    Once you go, you'll know!

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    Here's the deal...there is no such thing as a bad Couples Resort. They're all different and you'll like some things better than others but you'll experience the vacation of a lifetime at CTI. What's important is that you go there without any expectations and you'll find each one of them being met. CTI has great staff and you'll meet lots of fun and interesting people. IMHO the catamaran cruise at CTI is better than the ones at CSA or CN plus a visit to Dunn's River Falls is a really memorable excursion.

    Don't forget to sign up for the Romance Rewards program so that on your next visit to a Couples resort you can get some perks. One perk you get on your first visit is a Trading Places visit to the other Couples Resort on the same side of the island you're on (for you that would be CSS). It's a great chance to see another Couples Resort for a day and begin planning your next visit.

    As Melvin76 said, "Once you go, you'll know!" And I'll go one better than that by adding that you'll want to go again and again.

    Enjoy your visit to CTI!!

    Bart & Bug

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    You can't go wrong!
    We started with CTI in 2005 and loved it all!
    2007 brought us to Negril side for a 7 day split trip, 4 at CN and 3 at CSA and we loved them both! All different and fabulous!
    2011 brought us back to a remodeled CTI and day trip to CSS and we LOVED them all even more!!!
    If you like to walk the beach go to the Negril side, if you like au natural, check out the options on that thread of the message board. If you love great food, fabulous scenery, great entertainment, refreshing drinks, and great will love them all!

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    We did CTI for our honeymoon and we had the time of our life! It beautiful. I will be honest though, we ldo ike the beach at CSA better, but that is not saying the beach at CTI was bad. We did enjoy the beach at CTI, especially the privacy of the it. Dont over think it, you wont be disappointed!! Enjoy it for what it is with the love of your life and away from the rug rats for a while! lol Your in Jamaica... how bad can it really be? lol

    Couples Ocho Rios 2005/2006
    CSA 2009/2010/2011/
    2012 x2/2013 x2

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