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    Default To bring a laptop, or not?

    We are headed to CSA in March for our honeymoon- 44 DAYS!!!!!!

    Haven't seen much about whether or not we should bring a laptop? I think there is wifi at CSA? Will we even use it?

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    IMHO... You are on vacation, not at work, leave it at home... Get into the island "Vibe" and stay there your whole trip, "Jamaica time". You won't believe how great it is without the lap top, cell phone, Emails, text messages and on and on and on... Enjoy every minute...

    "Just Me"... Joe D.

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    We brought ours only to skype home to the kids. Otherwise, we didn't need it at all.

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    We brought ours so we could check on kids, but other than that didnt need one. Free wifi worked fine.

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    The internet service provided by CSA is in the Great House and is excellent. Unless you really need your own computer, don't bother to drag it along. Of course, if you're in the Atrium area, you might not want to make that long walk to the other end of the property.

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    We bring ours to keep in touch with family at home and I'll keep up with the news while my wife is getting ready. We also take a lot of scuba diving pictures so we download those every day. The WIFI at CSA is pretty good. I like having the laptop rather than going to the internet cafe. Hope that helps a little.

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    They have a Internet Cafe with 5 or 6 PC's available. We were always able to get onto one when then urge struck us, so I would vote to leave it at home.

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    I'd personally say - Leave the laptop at home. They have a place to check your e-mail, etc. if you want to & you don't have to mess with packing a laptop. I just feel that when you're on vacation to get away from "reality" & spend time together then you should not be tied to it but that's just me. We hardly even turn on the TV when we're at CN (or any of the resorts) & other than checking our e-mail daily to make sure our cat children are OK, we prefer to pretend like none of that exists for the week ..... Get enough of that all year long & time in paradise is too precious to waste surfing the web, working, or whatever.

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    I always take mine to CN. I could not connect with remote desktop to my PC at work.

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    You're on vacation. Leave it home!!! There are computers on site IF you must check you're e-mail.

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    Headed for your honeymoon? Leave it home, they have an internet cafe if you have to check in for any reason. Leave it , one less thing to worry about.

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    Nope, I would say you wouldn't use it. And why would you want to? You're in paradise! Leave the electronics at home and enjoy the natural surroundings. If you seriously get internet withdraw you can use the Internet Cafe. Save room for all the good stuff you will be bringing home.

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    We're the odd balls of the bunch. We always bring the laptop. We stay in the GVS and have never had to leave the room to get the Wifi. I like to check my email occasionally and it puts my parent's minds to rest that we made it to paradise safely. We don't like to spend all day outdoors and usually have a couple hours down time in the room before dinner so sometimes it's nice to have. My hubby will use it more than me. I honestly don't miss any of it while we're gone. One of my fave things while getting out of the sun is kicking back on the patio/balcony reading a book with the ocean breeze. Heavenly.

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    We are probably going to take one just to download the pictures from the camera daily. Would hate for some issue with the memory card to cause us to lose the photos. Also, hate to have to filter through the camera memory to make room for more photos if the card gets full.

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    Oh, and to skype with family to stay in touch every once in awhile

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    Leave it at home. You can use their computers to check your email ONCE a day. You're there to chill out and relax. Skype is nice if you MUST communicate face to face. But on your honeymoon you don't need to communicate with anyone. Just a friendly email home telling your friends how much fun you're having.

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    I always bring mine and always use it in addition to an occasional stop at the internet cafe. Everyone is different and although some people may not use theirs on vacation, you may really wish you had it. Totally depends on what you think you might need it for. I was really happy to have it, when I ran out of room on the sd card on my phone. I was able to dump it all on my laptop. Just think about your habits and what you might need it for. No worries!

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    Quote Originally Posted by va couple View Post
    We are probably going to take one just to download the pictures from the camera daily. Would hate for some issue with the memory card to cause us to lose the photos. Also, hate to have to filter through the camera memory to make room for more photos if the card gets full.
    This. Not enough weight gets put on protecting those memories you're making. People always down a laptop as a "work" device, when it's a backup option, DVD player, and Facebook-make-friends-jealous-machine.

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    We took our personal laptop to CSS for the first time last year. I did not in any way shape or form ever even THINK about work since it was our personal laptop. (Work is a very bad word when we go "home") What we did do was drive our friends nuts on Facebook with pictures and a video of the parrots in the trees. It also allowed us to keep in touch with our house/pet sitter. Will we bring it with this year....I'm thinking no. It really is a pain in the butt and you worry constantly about something happening to it till you get to the resort and put it in your safe. An iPad or something along those lines would be a better alternative. Smaller, lighter, easier to carry, etc.... BTW, the Wifi at CSS worked great.

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    In 25+ years of traveling we have never taken a laptop, cell phone, Ipad, IPOD, MP3 player, CD player, DVD player etc.

    Heck we have even survived with no TV for weeks on end. I just returned from a month at my parents with NO internet at all.......OMG!!

    We have survived dealing with the death of a parent while on vacation, a hurricane at home, a 6 year old and an emergency with a pet at home. What did we do? We picked up the phone in the room and DIALED!

    Worried about pictures on a memory card? BUY a spare!

    If you can afford a $4K-$7K vacation you can afford to spend $5-$20.00 on phone calls from the room or $10.00 on a spare memory card.

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    44 days.......WOW!!

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    I don't think we would on our honeymoon. With four young children back home we take ours to Skype with them at least a couple of times. It's cool for them to be able to see our view of the beach and stuff. We like to upload our pictures too in case something happens to a camera or memory card. No work though! WiFi at CSS can vary greatly by location and time of day, not sure about the other resorts.

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    We took our netbook and skyped with some family the last time we visited CN. The time before we did not. We gave a virtual tour to a relative while there. I normally only use it in the evening after dinner. I'll take it along next year as well.

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    Never bring the computer and don't turn on the tv once. I can do that at home. LOL
    Checked weather once at Internet cafe to make sure no snow storms/flight delay.

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