Hello!!!! My husband and I visited CN last July and still talk about it daily!! We spent all of our time on the AN beach and were in heaven.
This July we are celebrating our 10th year anniversary and are considering returning to Couples Tower Island, which is where we had our honeymoon.
Since CTI has had so many renovations, I have a few questions that I was hoping some of you could answer:
1. In terms of AN experiences, which did you prefer if you have visited both? We loved the beach at CN, but the privacy of CTI. Wondering how busy the island will be in July?
2. How does the food/restaurant experiences compare?
3. Can you do much swimming from the island, since that is where we will spend all of our time?
4. Do they have floaties on the island? (At CN the chair pads doubled as floaties)
5. Do you feel limited being on the island, in regards to hours (we were on the beach at CN most mornings at 7:30)?
6. Have the rooms received upgrades as well? Our room at CN was amazing.

Thanks all!!! Wendy