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    I don't know if this is stupid or not, especially seeing as Couples are all-inclusive.. but is it frowned upon to order 2 appetizers and 2 deserts (one for each person)?

    and also, can you take any food from the restaurants back to your room? like can they box it up for you, as in a normal restaurant?

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    eat what you want and how much you want. One night dessert was so good I asked for one to go and it was no proublem. Just be careful of food in your room.....ants.

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    We frequently can't decide between two or more items. We have found that Couples is very accommodating. We sometimes order more than one, especially dessert. Often, after a meal we decide we want dessert but just don't have any more room, so we ask if we can take it 'to go' and we are always answered with 'no problem'. The items are placed on a plate and covered with plastic wrap for transport, so no take out containers. We started to bring plastic reusable containers (ziploc or gladware type) when we go on vacation for this very purpose. (And no, we do not take them into the restaurant with us.) When we get back to the room we put our desserts in those because they fit better in the fridge.
    I always make sure we order only what we'll eat at the table and then take just the desserts back to the room. We've been known to check out the dessert menus at each of the restaurants to see which one we'll be getting 'to go' for a late night treat.

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    We've been known to hit the bar at Patois for a "late" night snack. The chocolate desert there is the best.

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    Nope, and if it appears to the wait staff like you're really having trouble deciding, sometimes they'll just bring you both dishes. It's all good. Enjoy!

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    We are dessert people and always order one of each to split between the 2 of us. Once there was some miscommunication and our waiter, bless his heart, brought one of each for each of 8 total. He must have thought we were insane but brought them nonetheless. We made a good dent in them though!

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    My boyfriend and I often ordered 3 appetizers to share, a main course each and two desserts. We would also bring some back to our room on most nights! They don't have take-out containers but they would put it on a plate (beautifully presented) and cover it with saran wrap. I've never eaten so much in my life! Enjoy everything and anything your hearts desire!

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    Like everyone else said before, we always ordered 1 appetizer, entree and dessert each too! That way we could try different things if we wanted. Some days, we're order 3 if we couldn't decide between just 2. They'll bring you whatever you want!
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    I'm so glad you asked that question! In two weeks when we are at CN, we will be ordering an extra appetizer! With no fear of looking like pigs! LOL! On the day before our last day, I confess, we always snag a few cookies to snack on our flight home. One last treat.....
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    Make sure you keep your food covered or put it in the fridge. Don't leave food out in the open in your room. Not only is there ants, but other... umm LARGE creepy bugs that apparently like bagels. (speaking from personal experience!)

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