I just finished making my down payment a couple of weeks ago for this November, but I left the airlines off until a later date . Then today (1/31), my travel agent called and got the flight I wanted her to get. I was quite surprised when she told me the cost of the flight, it was $500 over last year. We were already paying $300 more for the land trip than last year.

Going to have to talk this over with my wife and see what we're going to do now.

This is our 8th trip to CSA (Our home away away home) and normally every year I take care of it in either late Jan. or Feb. This year Randy announced that the prices were going up so I started early. In fact I put the down payment in the day before (1/16), the prices where supposed to go up (1/18), and I still paid $300 more than last year.

I'm just sick about this and don't really know what my wife will say when she hears about the cost. Oh well just thought I'd vent a little to see if this has happened to any of you.