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    Default Is Morning a Better Time for Wedding pics?

    My fiance and I booked our wedding for May 27th, at 4pm. After reading some posts, I'm now thinking the water may not be as beautiful in the afternoon? My logic was that maybe I would be in my wedding dress at sunset still and get some good extra pics from some friends. I want the most beautiful pics, and I thought sunset pics would be best. Or would it be better in the morning? I am not very photogenic in the morning until I have lots of caffeine.

    Any advice from experience? Does anyone that booked their wedding at 4pm regret it?

    I appreciate all feedback....Thanks!

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    caffeine == photgenic? hmmm i wonder how come i never hear the coffee brands use this ion their advertisements ...

    historically the water photgraphs brighter and more vivid colors before 11 am then after 11 am. If you search for negril pictures i am sure you can find some clear cut examples to give you an idea
    Depending on which resort the beach tend ot be less crowded in the morning then at sunset.

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    "Magic hour" for lighting is about an hour before sunset, or an hour after sunrise.

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    We're at CSA. I was hoping the sunset might look nice on the water?

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    Personally I think that if you want beautiful blue sky and clear water then earlier in the day is better. However, nearer sunset the light is softer and gives you a kind of rosy glow! So it depends which you prefer. We got best of both by having wedding in morning then having photos later in the day too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheridanlove View Post
    We're at CSA. I was hoping the sunset might look nice on the water?
    one thing to consider about pic at sunset- you and your hubby will be competing with the sunset to be the focus.....
    no offense but many people have seen beautiful bridal pictures but few have seen the negril sunset... hence when you show your pic to friends subconsciously they may become fixed on the sunset which is " novel" instead of you.... in advertising this subtle anchoring has tremendous impact on our " product " focus....
    if you want to be the main attraction you may opt for formal pics in the morning then less formal pics at sunset

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    We had our wedding in the morning. However, an option that you might consider, is having pictures taken in the morning (not sure how you feel on the groom not seeing you before the ceremony), and then still having pictures taken at sunset. You could always change out of your dress for part of the day, and then put it back on. After we had our professional pictures taken, we changed into swimsuits, spent the day at the swim-up pool bar, and then changed back into our wedding attire for more pictures and dinner. You just have to be careful not to get your hair or veil in the water. =) This way you have the best pictures of the whole day.

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    We married at 11am at the end of August and it was BEAUTIFUL! The vivid color of the sky and water was amazing, which complemented us and didn't compete as the other poster suggested. We didn't notice the people on the beach and they were very respectful. And before dinner, we did some casual pics during sunset. Couldn't bear to put back on my dress as it was just too hot so I wore a pretty strapless LBD. Good luck!

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    Beach chic, would you mind sharing some photos? My fiance and I are planning our Wedding for 8/7/10 and I am not sure wether I want a sunset wedding or earlier in the day... I am also worried about the strong breeze... how was it in the morning? Thank you! My email is if you want to send pictures there!

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