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    Default Best way to find the best deal?

    My husband and I visited CN in 2006 and have been dreaming of returning ever since. We have recently had some tough times with my husband having major orthopedic surgery in November followed by a fairly tough recovery. He had a 10 cm portion of his fibula grafted into his right hip in an attempt to save his hip from a straight replacement. He was non-weightbearing on his leg for 1.5 months and now is only allowed 25 lbs. He will have to have another surgery, if the first is deemed successful, and we want to plan a getaway prior to going through the procedure on his left hip. We're thinking of returning to CN since everything is so compact (vs CSA) and there aren't really a lot of steps (vs CSS). We're ideally looking at 7 days leaving April 28 and returning May 5 (but are flexible) from CLT. I have enough frequent flyer miles to get my plane ticket, but not both. After living on his ST Disability checks and looking at living off of them again this summer, we want to get the best deal possible. Are there any great current promotions or promotions coming up that we could take advantage of? I was pretty bummed when I've read that prices just recently went up.

    Any help/insight is greatly appreciated!

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    CTI is even more compact and a little less expensive as well...go for the garden room to save even more there are wonderful views just steps from most rooms which I am sure they will accomodate under the circumstances!!!

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