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    My husband and I decided to head out to Jamaica to CTI for our honeymoon but not sure when to book. We wanted to go in July and although I know its their winter/rainy season I've read in several places that there are afternoon showers but not all day which could ruin your vacation.
    In your experience or if you've it better to book the first 2 weeks or last 2 weeks of July?

    Also, not sure how to book...if package through hotel or separate? which one is cheaper?

    Thanks for your input

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    i think your best bet is to try and read the forecast for the island in advance but i dont know how far out you can get it. in 17 years of living there ive never seen the same pattern two years straight, but if it does rain its usually just for a short time like a hour or 2 and then the sun comes out.

    i book my holidays separate but just shop around on sites like expedia to get the best deals. sorry cant be of more help

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    This will be our 3rd year in a row going the last week of July, yes there is generally a very short shower in the late afternoon but it is not everyday and very brief...most of the time we sit it out in the swim up bar. As far as booking goes we've done both. I price check and go with the best offer. Booking direct gives you the benefit to watch the Wed specials and adjust if something awesome comes up.
    Maybe we'll cya there :-)

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    I usually book my own out of the country trips. This time I could not beat my agents price. She is great give her a call Lovell Cossins 1 816.734.0707!

    What about May/June Weather? Is the rain the same?

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