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    Default Which resort for a runner?

    We spent a fabulous week at CN in 2006 and have decided to try to get back to Jamaica for another visit later this year. I'm currently training for a marathon and would like to be able to get in at least a few runs while there. Is there any one resort that would be better for this? I would likely just try to run on the beach or around (and around) the resort. (I know the fitness centers likely have treadmills but I try to avoid them).


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    Hi, Although I love CSS, it is not the resort for you if you're trying to do longs runs. The beach is very small; there's a path around a small lake that's only between 1/4 to 1/3 of a mile. Good luck with your training!

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    CSS has a very nice running track around the pond by Sunset Beach. It's about a half mile around and paved. It is also all on resport property and not used very much.
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    CSA has a running track/course. I have not seen it b/c I stick to the treadmills and elliptical equipment, but my husband used it.

    If you wanted to run on the beach, CSA is on Long Bay, the five-mile stretch of Seven Mile Beach.
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    Swept Away has access to Long Bay which is about 5 miles long. I see lots of runners there.

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    I too am a runner and enjoy incorporating runs while on vacation. I have to say, I enjoyed running at CSS. Yes, the loop is about 1/3 mile. However, I run one lap hard then alternate with a slower lap. I could easliy get an hour in a day. There is even a few slight hills, which make it a bit more challenging. At CSA, you can run on the beach and on the fitness trail. I enjoyed alternating my runs that way. Both resorts have nice fitness centers. If you don't want to get at least one run in on the treadmill, cross train on a bike. You would enjoy either resort and the fitness facilities. Wishing you great success with your marathon training!!!!

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    I have been to Negril a few times and when there, I run early in the day on the main road into town. My only issue has been getting used to which side of the road the traffic is coming from I have always felt safe and had good runs. If you are willing to run off campus, it probably doesn't matter which resort you stay at.

    Which marathon are you training for?


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    I ran the lake path at CSS when I was there and found it very enjoyable. I'm only a 5K guy so 10 times around wasn't that bad. 50 or more times around might be a different story

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    We've only been to CSA and visited CN but from what I've read, your best bet would probably be CSA since it's on 7 mile beach. Just a quick check with the guards and you should be able to run past the property on both sides. We've walked it before - quite a nice stretch of beach. Plus CSA has their fitness complex with a paved path behind it you can use for running and walking.

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    I run at CSA every morning. I go right, when facing the water, and run a couple miles out and back.

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    During my stay at CN I woke each morning at 7:30 and ran the beach. Of course you know the beach at Bloody Bay is only about 1.5 miles long so out and back was about 3 miles. Then I'd follow that with a long swim. I'd definitially suggest CSA although I've never been there the longer beach would make for an excellent run. You meet the most interesting people during a morning run. Everyone talks about gaining weight during their stay, I ended up loosing 5 pounds, and ate like a pig.

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    For a beach run, CSA. You can also run along the road between CN and CSA, which is about 2.5 miles each way. I can't stand treadmills either, but the ones at CN do the trick. They have a nice fitness room.

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    I'm with Matt...the Norman Manley Bdv. (the main road) if good for running. We stay at CN and every morning around 7 I run to CSA and back (just under a 5 mile round trip). The shoulder is wide, often very short grass on the side to run on a slightly softer surface and it is pretty safe. But like Matt said - I sometimes get a little freaked out by the traffic on the "wrong" side of the road (in Jamaica, I run on the RIGHT side, so I see the oncoming traffic). I don't care for beach running.

    I will be returning to CN April 12 for 8 days...and hope to get 6 or 7 runs in. I can't wait!!!!

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    I have been a short distance (5K) runner for the past couple of years working up to a half - We stay at CN and the past couple of stays I have ran the beach a couple of times with out issue. I check in once with the guards and then each morning they just waved at me as I headed out. We have made a visit to CSA an the beach there is beautiful and I would love to run it so I would have to say that if you want the long distance on the beach then CSA is your answer. However if you have not ran on a beach before it is a little different then tracks or roadside. At CSA you could always choose to switch to the track. Good luck with your training. -

    I will be running at CN this March 18 for 10 glorious days.

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    i ran last year at csa on the beach. so beautiful and great when u get warm to just pop in the h20. now i'm heading to cti. is there a loop for running there or will i be on the treadmill? also, how long-hard is the "jogging" on the itinerary? think it sounds fun, and i'd love a good 5 mile run. does it just depend on the company? thanks

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    We have been going to CSA for about ten years and each morning I run down Norman Manley to the Burger King in town and back - It's about 5 miles round trip and have never had an issue. The berms are nice and wide the locals are friendly. It gets hot and humid early , so I recommend getting your run in before 10a.

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    Have run the beach at CSA and it is quite pleasant. I like running on the sand and going left facing the ocean you can go about 2 miles down the beach before it gets too rocky and you have to turn back. If you run past CSA on your loop back to where you have to turn around again you can probably cover 5 miles or better in the round trip. Not sure exactly but I will do a distance check on Google Earth to get a closer estimate. I have not tried running the road as I avoid running on pavement these days, it is hard on the old joints. But I might give it a shot this summer for a change of pace run. Still, I think CSA may offer the longest runs without getting to0 convoluted in your route or having to run the same circular path over and over.

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