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Thread: Diet Ting

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    Before you start getting offended you should clearly read my post. It was for those people who seem to think a diet drink will help them lose weight and I was stating facts as to why Diet Ting (or Diet anything else) will not do that. Regular sugar is considered a food inside your body and it can be processed. Artificial sweeteners are foreign invaders in the body and it does whatever it can to protect itself...including holding on to fat.

    Secondly, there are numerous different brands of Stevia and some are better than others.

    Thirdly, this is NOT a real vote. It's a joke. There is not a poll or anything else for that matter for you to believe my voting statement was a real vote. It was my 2 cents for the entire nation/world...not Couples. There are too many ingredients in legal "foods" that should never be legal and our FDA knows this. Knows these ingredients cause harm and disease in the body. Artificial sweeteners are on that list. So, instead of being offended just know this: maybe I am the health police. I want health for everyone. I want the entire world to be disease-free in the mind and body. If I can just influence ONE person to take action that's a lot. I imagine a world where sickness is a thing of the past and everyone can have one less worry. Health is our RIGHT. And I know for a fact that we are bombarded with cancer-causing sickness inducing chemicals in our food everyday. I want health for you Blondie, and everyone, not just myself. So, call me the health police or whatever you want but with Love...maybe I am.

    I did mention that I'm not sure if there were artificial ingredients or not because I could not find an ingredient list. I said IF...then. The reason that regular ting is better is because it's made out of sugar. If Diet Ting is too then it's not a problem. I said IF. Please read my posts carefully before you decide to try and slam them.

    You too are making this about health in general. If you read my post carefully, I was talking about them thinking the diet drink would be better for them regarding weightloss.

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    Thanks for you opinion. I started this thread for those of us that would like to see Diet Ting at the resorts, not for those of us that DON"T want to have it available. BTW, I did lose weight by drinking diet soda. I would like to keep this thread going so let's not turn this into an argument so the thread gets locked. Thanks again.

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    Friends, let's all play nice on the board!
    I'm a purist health nut, but every once and a great while, for whatever reason, I crave a fresca or diet coke. This happens rarely, but I try to just enjoy a bit of it and moVe on.
    So yes, that's me, the organic, local, veggie loving, food from the earth girl asking for the poison. Even I'm not perfect. And I'm ok with that. I'll eat extra kale froM my garden tonight!
    Love to all. And health!!!

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    I'm diabetic and would love another sugar free option... Only 22 more days until we return to CN!

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    SoÖ Some people would like Diet Ting because it is has no sugar, and some people wonít drink it because it has no sugar. Also some people would like it because of the taste and care little about the effects of any sugar substitute content. Weight control is important to some people, and diabetic concerns are important to others. Ainít it great that God made so many different kinds of people?

    Letís hope that Couples is sensitive to the needs and desires of each of these different guests. It appears that there is a need for an alternate choice to Diet Pepsi for those who choose to watch their sugar intake, and Diet Ting seems to be a popular alternative. Iíll be at CSS in 2 weeks, and will request some Diet Ting because I need a sugar-free and caffeine-free drink for health reasons. I hope Couples will be able to fulfill that request.

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    Default My 'Vote'

    LOVE Ting...would love diet Ting even more!

    5/11/12 and I'll be home!

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    I do love my Diet Pepsi I cannot really say if I link TING or not since I will not drink anything that has all that sugar in it.

    If I am going to intake sugar I am saving it for allllll of those DELICIOUS desserts Which I really should give up....but ya know.....I have been through a lot in the past 5 years so what the heck, when on vacation I AM GOING to indulge.

    I am well aware of the issues with Diet drinks, know I need to drink more water etc. I hear it from my DOCTOR every month.

    We all appreciate that people want us to be healthy, wealthy and wise. However we are all adults that will make the decisions we want even with all of the information out there. Just look at the number of people who still smoke.

    Now I am not harping or telling anyone to do anything. I just want to pass on this tidbit of information as some people are still not aware.

    If you are suffering from headaches ranging from minor to severe cluster type or migraines and are drinking/eating anything with artificial sweeteners this may be the trigger for your headaches.

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    Default yup- want some diet ting

    Neither my husband or I drink sugared sodas. I do like the diet pepsi to mix with rum. Diet ting would be great so I can mix with my vodka. They frequently do not have grapefruit juice at the bars so diet ting would take care of that for me anyway. We will be back our favorite resort on 3/24 woo woo!!!!!!!!!!!

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    So is there a chance diet ting could become available?

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    Just 24 hours from right now we will be flying over the Caribbean headed for Jamaica!

    Time to ice down the Diet Ting...!!!

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    Another vote for diet ting. Just returned from CN a month ago and enjoyed the ting but would have loved diet ting.

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    Count me in on diet Ting

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    We sure have lots of views for this thread. Could use some more positive opinions to see if we can help persuade management to provide us with Diet Ting.

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    Just got back from CSS. No Diet Ting to be found anywhere on the resort. VERY disappointed. It would be nice to either have it added to the options at Couples, or hear the reason that management seems to be ignoring the obvious demand.

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    Another vote. Let's keep this at the top- or start another that randymon would read and potentially reply to. Would love Diet Ting! Please Randymon?! Thanks.

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    We watch our weight 51 weeks a year...our drink od choice in Ting and or regular Ting would make no difference to us but would be good to have a choice....

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    My vote for diet "anything"! Too many sugary drinks..not good!

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    Years ago we went to the S resort on an anniversary trip...I was so excited for my tamiwami: absolute and ting topped off with cranberry. Imagine my disappointment to be told they only have coke products. WHAT?? This is do you NOT have Ting?? Of course, I went to the gift shop on the last night and bought some there. So I am just happy Couples has pepsi products

    But I would like to see Diet Ting also...

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    I think Couples would want to offer an alternative to sugar drinks.....Right now, Diet Pepsi and water are the choices.

    My vote for additional diet drinks or mixers.....Diet Ting would be great....

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    Glad to see there is still interest. Keep it going!!!! Home in 22 days.

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    Would really appreciate some diet ting!

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    I'm wondering if the powers that be are looking into this? I kind of expected a reply by now.
    Keep it goimg

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    [COLOR="#FF0000"]Let's hope Randymon will reply to this! I know that with all the eating and drinking at CSA that I intend to do dieting is not a concern but for many people with health issues like diabetes where sugar must be limited there should be more options than water and Diet Pepsi. Come on Randymon and let us know Couples is looking into offering some help here?

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    I'll throw my two cents in and say I would LOVE to have diet ting available! I find regular soda to be too sweet, and besides after all the dirty bananas etc., it's nice to find SOMEWHERE to cut a few calories. Probably too much to hope that it'll be there by 4/14! (woohoo 17 days!!!!)

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    As of right now, there are no plans to add Diet Ting. Most of the sodas are served from behind the bar using a dispenser supplied by the soda company(s). There are only so many buttons from which to select and Diet Ting just won't fit without eliminating something else. Sorry.

    Couples Resorts

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