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Thread: December 2012

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    TravelPatty.......I am sorry too
    I love the PAR TAA's

    I think Tom might be going for dinner, not sure yet


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    Jim and Crystal
    41, 47 on arrival
    12/8 to 12/15

    This is our 3rd trip to CN. It took us ten years to return for our 2nd but it's an annual thing now.

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    Hey Melody - had Jamaican Beef and Cheese patties for dinner. Not as good as the ones at CN, but a little bit of Jamaica to get us through until we leave. READY TO PAAARRTYY!!!!!!

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    Hey Debbie!! Yum!!! Sounds good!! I have everything booked now............the flights, the park and fly for the night before! Land in MBJ at 12:22 on the 8th. When do you get in?
    and yes, READY TO PAAARRTYYYY!!!

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    Hello Macilly, we will be there Dec 29-Jan 2nd with another couple from Virginia. We'll have to meet up at the swimup bar We were there last year as well for New Year's. You''ll have a great time!!

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    Hello Jaimie & Trish, we will be making our 2nd trip to Couples Negril for New Years. We'll be there with friends from Virginia (we are in Cincinnati) from Dec 29-Jan 2nd. Hope to see you !!

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    Names: Jason & Ashley
    Ages: 30 & 27
    Dates at CN: Dec 9th-15th
    From: Dubuque, Iowa

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    Hello JnMincincy, We do look forward to meeting you! We're from Cape Cod, MA and love CN. We'll be there from 12/22 - 1/05, 149 days according to my countdown clock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamietrish View Post
    Hello JnMincincy, We do look forward to meeting you! We're from Cape Cod, MA and love CN. We'll be there from 12/22 - 1/05, 149 days according to my countdown clock
    Yes, we are counting down too! 128 days and 56 minutes ETA! How will we recognize you guys? And please don't say "we'll be the ones drinking" ha ha!!


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    Looking forward to spending New Year's in Jamaica! We are two mid-late 30's couples who like to have fun and get a little wild. Staying Dec 29 to Jan 5. Don't be shy, say hi!

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    Pete (45) and Mandy (45)
    Newark, UK
    First trip to Jamaica and Couples.
    9th December -19th December.

    Looking forward to it so much.

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    Two more mid-westerns escaping the Wisconsin winter Dec. 12-19th!

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    So here's the deal. Rita and I came to Couples last December looking for a great beach, a great resort, and plenty of friendly folks. We found it when we were there last year. Everything that we had read about on this board had been true. It is probably the best vacation spot we had ever been to. It was amazing to me that EVERYONE we came in contact with seemed to be in the same "zone". It was also amazing to me to hear the same question asked by many folks that frequent the resort. Would you return? We had the pleasure of meeting Tom and Melody...aka...."deet" while there. They asked us "will you return"? Later in the week we met Joe and Pandora briefly. They asked us "will you return"? We met folks from New York and New Jersey. We met folks from Illinois and Texas. We met newlyweds from Alabama and Kentucky. It was kind of like being at a week long party with great friends.....truly amazing. As we left the resort last December, I asked Rita the question we had heard all week...."would you return"? Her answer was "if I told you I had a great time I would be was much much better than that". We kept our memories in our heads and in pictures.....and they never really fizzled out. When it came time to think about a December oasis again, we both said it together as if reading each others minds.....COUPLES NEGRIL IN JAMAICA!!!!!!! I have noticed we may see some of you there. We will be back December 15th THRU 22nd. Joe and Rita from Ohio. I also know that we will see Kathy and Joe, Dewey and Lois......and some newbies....Julie and Evan. To answer everyone's question about returning.......YES....we would and WILL return. Can't wait!!!

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    And how could we forget Jenny and Joe from southern Ohio. We will sure miss the "need blue water" this year!!! Joe, maybe you can just do the spreadsheet for us this year anyway??......LOL!!

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    How to recognize us? We are mid to late 50's, love ocean swimming, sitting on the beach all day, reading my kindle and Jamie will have a newspaper...and we will be drinking...Look forward to meeting you guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deet1114 View Post
    Hey TravelPatty!!! We met you at the MassJamaicanPartaa!! Tom and Melody from Massachusetts

    We will be there Dec. 8th thru Dec 23rd!!

    Can't wait!
    Trip #7 to CN

    Where are all my friends?
    Carolyn and Bill
    Debbie and Larry (the lizard dancing king)
    Becky and Dennis
    Neil and Margot ?????? (Ashby???) (bet you thought I forgot )
    Linda, I know you are lurking........
    Its time to get this thread hopping!
    Hey Melody...I haven't been on here in a long time. We will be there for our 7th time on 12/6-12/16!!! 91 Days!!! Doing the Double Digit Boogie!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    Lisa (44) & Hans (45)
    repeaters =)

    Cannot wait to get back! My Brother and his fiance will also be returning the same time! Looking forward to returning!

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    Only 65 days and counting!!!! Sure hope that AA gets there act togather seeing we have a direct flight out of Chicago! Have to believe it should be all worked out by then, our they might as well just go out of business!

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    Dec 1-8
    Guy and Danielle......37ys from Michigan
    We are renewing our vows on the 7th (10yrs)
    We are bringing 14 of our closest friends along ....none of which have ever been to Couples!! Our ages range from 33-63!!
    This will be our 7th trip to Jamaica but 4th trip to Couples.....LOVE IT!!!

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    Hey group....last December we came to CN for our first time. We loved it so much we will return this year. The artist that sang on the beach during the beach party was spectacular. His name is Shayam Moses. Does anyone know if he is around the area this year? We would love to hear his cool vibe once again. He was definitely one of the many highlights of our trip last year.

    Joe and Rita from Ohio......CN December 15-22

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    Mike & Nancy
    49 & 50
    Calgary Canada
    dec. 9- 19th.
    CSS=1 CN =2

    We are a couple of friendly canucks on our second trip to Cn, looking to meet some nice people and thaw out in the warm negril sun.

    A few red stripes and miami vices will def. be in order, along with a trading places to CSA. and a sunset cruise.

    I scuba dive, but the wife doesnt. Any divers out there??

    9 more weeks and counting, tick... tick... tick...
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    Default Hi PeteNmandy

    Quote Originally Posted by PeteNmandy View Post
    Pete (45) and Mandy (45)
    Newark, UK
    First trip to Jamaica and Couples.
    9th December -19th December.

    Looking forward to it so much.
    You made an awesome choice, you are going to loveeeee it at CN.
    We are staying the exact same days...9-19th.
    Maybe we'll cya there. Mike & Nancy

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    Chris and Shelli Johnson
    Minneapolis, MN
    Dec 2-11

    We are first timers to Couples Negril. We were at Swept Away 17 years ago for our honeymoon.
    We will be having fun at Couples Negril for our Best Friends Wedding along with 11 of our friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smilemon View Post
    We will be there for our 7th time on 12/6-12/16!!! 91 Days!!! Doing the Double Digit Boogie!!
    Hey Smilemon! It will be great to share the shade with you again. It's been TOO long!

    Beergirl for my Couples videos

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