This was our second trip to Couples Negril. We choose to go back as we loved every minute of our first vacation there in 2010. We travel in a group of about 5 couples and enjoy good food, beautiful beaches, fun and great service. This trip we recently went on was from 1/25-1/30 and once again on most points we were not disappointed. However, on the Saturday of our trip, my engagement/wedding ring was lost/stolen from the beach. I want to point out that the security working that day was wonderful and spent a couple of hours helping us with metal detectors and rakes to try to recover the ring. I wish I would have written down their names as they tried everything. The ring was never recovered and I also reported it missing at the front desk. No one from the couples staff followed up with us which really surprised me. A resort like Couples should give a little more personalized service. Then upon our checkout Monday afternoon when I checked again if anything had been turned in ( checked about 2xper day on Sunday and Saturday night), she asked if we had gotten an incident report for our insurance. I was again surprised this was the first this was mentioned and we were scheduled to leave in an hour from the resort. Per my persistance, the head security did come over and help us get a report completed but to me this should have been handled the day of the incident or at least mentioned as an option. I am disappointed by the lack of follow-up or at least acknowledgment to a pretty upsetting event at the resort.