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    Default CSS Shuttle Transfer Time

    I have heard anywhere from 90 minutes to over 2 hours. What is the actual time? I am looking perhaps booking a private transfer to get us to the hotel if it really is over 2 hours.
    We will be arriving on a Monday afternoon at 1:45 is that makes any difference re. traffic.
    Thanks all!

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    Each of our 4 trips there have been within a few minutes of 90 from the airport to the the resort, and there's lots of beautiful scenery to take in along the way.

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    Don't waste your money on a private transfer. It won't get you there any sooner.

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    Lol traffic!!! Besides a goat or other form of livestock straying into the road traffic will definatley not be an issue as the majority of the people do not even own cars. The trip from to the airport to css was about an hour and a half including a great bathroom and beer stop at a small local dive off the main road. The view was great and the drivers do a great job at transitioning you from real life to paradise. Think of it as more of a tour. If it is your firsst time to the island do not miss the ride in. It also gives you a great chance to meet and get to know some of the other guest that will be at the resort the same week as you.we are heading back in 73 more days and will certianly start our trip out with the shuttle ride.

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    Both times we went to CSS, it was about 90 minutes. We did not stop for a potty break or a beer, we just wanted to get there. The scenery was great.

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    Perfect!! Appreciate the input. The shuttle it is. March 5th can't come soon enough!!

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    As stated earlier, a private transfer will not be any faster unless you fly from Mobay to Negril.

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    Ignore my last post. I was thinking CSA. Sorry

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    plus the shuttle is a great time to take advantage of meeting other couples going to the same place!!

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