what an awful, horrible, rotten....

Um. Nope, can't do it! I was going to say how terrible my stay was this past week but I just can't!! There was NOTHING wrong with anything! I can't believe people go to Jamaica and hate it. I can't believe people stay with Couples and come home unsatisfied! How is that at all possible

I just got home at midnight. I'm already looking into booking for next year! It's been 7 years since my last trip to Jamaica. So much has changed!! I don't want to miss the changes in the future. I will be Jamaica-bound as often as possible from now on. And Couples? Yeah, I'd love to try them all just to see the different resorts but CSA is definitely HOME!!

I will have pix online soon (I only took 786 this past week-I must've had too much rum as I expected to have twice that ) I will also write a "review" of my stay when I return to this thread with a link to my pix. It probably won't happen until late tonight or maybe even tomorrow...right now I'm gonna go back to sulking as I accept the reality of being back in the states I just had to say how much I loved CSA before I start looking into all the options for next year