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    Default 2013 Early Booking Prices?

    Randymon said they are coming out the end of February. But when at the end of February. We can hardly wait and are so anxious to see the specials. Even though it's not the end of February, every day I look to see if they are posted yet. Anyone else feeling this unbearable need to see these specials? We are going to CSS this April but are already wanting to plan for 2013. We are really hoping the specials will be something we can afford. I don't know how we could stand missing a year at Couples. Hurry up Randymon with those prices.

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    Soon Come.

    Working on rates and early booking benefits now. Expect an announcement before end of next week latest.

    Couples Resorts

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    I have been looking every day too! Wanting to book our wedding for next January!!..Our travel agent got prices for usand i was extremely disappointed in the prices that I cried!! I am hoping when Couples releases their prices, they will give us some good deals so we will be able to go!! The price for the basic garden view was like $3400 a couple!!! Which I thought was a very expensive price for early January! Maybe my expectations were too high after seeing the very low prices that are offered for December!

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    Just the information I was looking for. Can't wait. January 2013.

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    Please come

    We are too waiting for the 2013 rates and early booking benefits too. Hoping we can be there again this New Years Eve.We will just have to wait and see.

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    We are going in April 2012 so probably won't be able to go again in 2013 - 56 days to go!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by schdyny View Post
    We are going in April 2012 so probably won't be able to go again in 2013 - 56 days to go!!
    April amigos will be there April 12-24. Great bunch of people. Richie and Syl "crabracer" are the life of the party. See you soon!

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