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    Default CSS in November?

    We are getting married in October and planning a trip to CSS for November 20-27. Has anyone visited during this time? I believe it's the tail end of hurricane season. What were your experiences?

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    we have been three times twice during November and once during December and the weather was really nice all three times, there was rain a couple times during the late afternoon and lasted about 25 minutes. So no problem there. Otherwise it was warm and very enjoyable. It's our favorite time of year to go.

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    we were there last Nov 4-11 and the weather was wonderful!! i think it only rained one afternoon for a brief period. we were actually nestled in a hidden hammock and could barely even tell it was raining. Congrats on your wedding and you've chosen a beautiful resort for your honeymoon!!

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    thanks - that was what I was hoping to hear

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