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    Default Who of you go to Couples, and don't drink any alcohol

    I was just wondering, how many couples go to your favorite Couples Resort, but do not drink any type of alcohol? Now before anyone gets upset, I have no problems with anyone enjoying a beer, a glass of wine or any other type of drink. When my wife and I return to CSA we never drink alcohol, it's just a perference. I thought it might be interesting to see just how many couples don't drink or smoke for that matter while at Couples.


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    Hubby & I don't smoke or drink and we love CN because we can get all the drinks virgin. Our favourite is the strawberry daiquiri from the beach grill bar. We put it in our insulated travel mug and it stays cold and no worries with sand. (Don't ask bartenders to fill our mug as they cannot)
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    My husband is not much a drinker - nor do we smoke anything of any kind. I do but he really likes to get most of his drinks of the virgin variety. This is has neverbeen an issue for us.

    His favorite thing is to get the smoothies without the alcohol.

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    We don't smoke and my wife does not drink any alcohol. She says I drink enough for us both, and when we are home I always have designated driver. She does love all the virgin frozen drinks though, especially the Pina Colados that are hand made at the main bar at Negril..

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    I'm not a big drinker...will have one every now and then. Love the Rum Cream in my coffee. That's my thing when I want a drink.

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    Neither the wife nor I smoke, so that's not a biggie for us.

    She doesn't drink, and I can count on one hand the total number of alcoholic drinks I had while we were at CTI (one small glass of rum in the room, one rum punch on the Isle, and a few sips of wine with dinner one night)

    For the most part on our trip, we drank water or Pepsi.

    Neither of us mind if others drink, although she can't stand the smell of cigarettes / cigars (I grew up with a smoker mother, brother, and sister, so I can sort of tune it out) We only mind if someone gets drunk...

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    I will just say Couples doesn't not loose money on our drinking!! I have an occasional rum or champagne with dinner, I do not smoke cigarettes, I do smoke a few cigars while on vacation. My wife she has her share of Tequila and some champagne at dinner, we really do the all inclusive for the relaxation and no worries of carrying a wallet the liquor is not the draw for us to do AI.

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    What kind of tequila do they have there? I'm sorry to ask on the nondrinker thread-

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    Jose Cuervo and something never heard of and she did not try ( Don Pepe maybe).

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    I haven't had any alcohol since our last trip to Couples last year. I rarely drink at home. However, when at Couples, I like the Lychee Martini at CN. I also like a mudslide or two while we're away but I top mine with the soft serve ice cream at Heliconia. So, why don't I just skip the mudslide and have the ice cream you say? Well, I often grab a plastic glass at Heliconia and fill that sucker with chocolate-vanilla swirl when heading back to the room for a rest.

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    Pepe Lopez is one of the other teqs at CTI

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    We see many questions here about if Couples is "for real" on their alcohol inclusions... I'm not one to worry about it. I'm not a teetotaler, although I do think that it IS an admirable trait. But I do believe that there are so very many inclusions at Couples that not availing of any one (or more) of them is not a problem. There is always that beach (well, at CN and SweptAway, not to disparage the other two), the wonderful food, the activities, the rooms...

    If you don't drink alcohol, no problem. There are plenty of virgin drinks and smoothies to keep you hydrated! Lest anyone think I've got an ax to grind about those who do imbibe, see my signature, below.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    My BF went and she doesnt drink at all. I myself have found out I can not have any fructose so my drinking will be VERY limited this next trip! I will still enjoy myself!

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    My wife does not drink. She drank water all the time except for coffee and juice at breakfast. I, on the other hand, made up for her. This really is no problem. I don't go for the alcohol, but unlike a cruise, I don't have to worry about the cost of drinks either. A Bob Marley back home or on a cruise, would cost a fortune, but here I drank way too many. Oh well.......

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    At Couples I abstain while I am asleep.

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    We are maybe a one drink a day couple. So you are definitely not alone.

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    Mrs Canuk saves couples money on her share of the alcool side of the vaca but at times I try my best to bankrupt Couples so far they win put it's not for lack of trying on my part. If you are concerned about not fitting in I would say everyone is welcome. Enjoy your stay mc

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    Neither of us smoke and we are not big drinkers, but when we went to an AI a couple years ago we drank about 4-5 drinks a day, which was excessive for us. When we got home we filled a liqueur cabinet up so that we could always have a relaxing drink on hand and most of that liqueur had been barely touched, lol. But I think we will be drinking more than usual when we get to Jamaica, and for us that will prob be only a few drinks a day.

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    I have a drink everyday or so at home usually a single malt. However, in the sun in Jamaica I will change that to maybe a Bombay Blue Saphire on the rocks with a twist of lime. I never have more than one a day. I still think Couple's is well worth the $$$. 50 days till CN, 50 days....

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    My Husband and I are not smokers and I will have a drink every once in awhile but rarely. While at CTI a few weeks ago I had triied one Red Stripe beer which I loved and a Pina Colada. Then the rest of the time I had Virgin Pina Coladas at our fancy meals, or ting from the fountain soda machine from the pool grill. My feelings is that it seemed alot easier to get an alcoholic drink then a virgin. I felt like I didnt belong at the bar. Never the less we always were hydrated the whole time.

    Plus.....We didnt need to drink. Our room was right over the swim up bar and we enjoyed ourselves watching all the people who were drunk. It is just amazing what people will do and say after they have had a few to many. So just when you think noone is watching or can hear you, look around and you will see all the patios where others are staying. lol

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