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    Default Just Returned From CSA Today

    My husband and I were celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary at CSA. We were there from Feb 8 - 16. It was our first time visiting CSA but our second time visiting a Couples resort. I must say, CSA exceeded all of our expectations. Service, food, activities, atmosphere all top notch!!
    There has been lots of posts on here about shortages of beach loungers. I must say, we never had a problem and we usually didn't get to the beach until 9am. The first morning we found loungers but no pads for them. Immediately, one of the watersports guys came up to us and told us that he would go get us some. Excellent service.
    Food was outstanding. Our favorite restaurants were The Patoi, and Lemongrass; however, we were not disappointed in the others at all.
    We did a couple snorkel trips and the catamaran cruise. All exceptional!!
    We stayed in an Atrium room. Again, fantastic. Very rustic, but suited our needs. Our maid cleaned our room to perfection everyday.
    We had an amazing week. I really can't think of anything negative about our stay.
    Thank you Couples for making our stay so memorable!

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    thanks for posting this review, we have 55 days and counting, good to hear that the lounger issue may have been either resolved or was previously being blown out of proportion

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    Default Going to CSA in July

    Glad to hear you had such a great time at CSA. We are going in July to celebrate our 20 yr anniversary. Have never been to a Couples or even an AI resort, so, anxious but excited to see what we are in for! My main concern is hoping we picked the right resort, it was between CN or CSA. We just want to have a romantic and relaxing time with the opportunity to do some excursions. I hope the beach isn't too busy, but we don't mind vendors. Also wondering about resort attire? Can women wear the blingy flip flops or do they have to be a sandal? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    The blingy flip flops are just fine... it doesn't have to be a strappy sandal. I think my blingy flip flops are way nicer looking anyways and fit right in at any of the restaurants. I don't wear heels so anything flat is all I wear. Have fun!

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