I've been (my future wife hasn't) to a couples resort. With that, CTI is off the potential destination list (at least for now). We're coming for our honeymoon in August 2012. I know it's going to be hot, but we can't afford Fiji or Hawaii; those places make Couples seem extremely reasonable. Also, AI doesn't really exist in those places. After everything we're dealing with because of the wedding, we don't want to have to think about anything once at our destination.

We've considered other resorts, and other countries, but I have a hard time pulling away from Couples, as I know how it was last time (nearly perfect). It was just the right amount of everything for me. That said, we've considered Dominican, Playa Del Carmen, etc.

At this point we've pretty much narrowed it does to CN and CSA. Looking for some plus/minus reports from people. We're going to be there 9-10 days, should we consider a split? We're looking for romance (obviously), relaxation, and some fun.

Here are some additional things I'd like answers to as well:

Being that it's August, should we be concerned about Hurricanes? My understanding is that Jamaica is not as upset by them as some places (such as cancun). Is that correct? Should we be concerned about the weather? I like golfing and plan to hit the course at least once! We live in the Midwest, so we know about heat (100+ degrees with 99% humidity), but I'd prefer not to vacation to that sort of weather. I've looked at various web sites for that information, all I can find is "avg temp 91" What's the water like, what's the wind like, what's the actual weather like.

While we're leaning towards CSA, and an Atrium Suite, I believe these don't have windows... I've heard that these rooms can be rather.... revealing.. Meaning, people can hear you, etc. That is a bit of a concern for obvious reasons. Is it really as bad as some people make it seem? Also, should we concern ourselves about the bugs. I have read some negative reviews dealing with ants and mysterious bug bites. Are these worse in the atrium suites? Should we pack a citronella (sp) candle? The biggest concern is getting bitten, as a few ants doesn't really bother us.

If anyone could comment on these things, and give us a broad kind of difference between the two resorts I'd appreciate it. We're 31/24, and enjoy both being active and being lazy. Looking forward to hearing what you all have to say. Thanks in advance! We're looking to book this week, so quick replies are even more appreciated. Yeah Mon!