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    Default Scuba Diving (CSA/CN or CSS/CTI ?)

    Have done scuba diving from the CSA/CN side of the island. How is the diving from the other side (CSS/CTI)? Which do you prefer and why or do you find there is no real difference in the dive experience? Thanks...

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    We don't go to Couples to dive (have 2 other trips per year for that) but we do like to dive and were told Negril is the better side. Also the water is calmer so not as many red flags which stop the dive boats from going out. Just what I was told but we got 5.5 days of diving in September 2011 and we're booked again for this September.
    Couples Negril - September 2011, 2012, 2013
    Retired & moved to Cozumel, Mexico January 2014

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    Negril water is generally calmer so you will see dolphins sometimes when you dive. Dive sites are generally more shallow as well. Negril has a sucken plane.

    Ocho sees can be fairly rough - no dolphins. Deep dives are generally deeper. I think the water is a little cooler on Ocho side but DH says its all in my head. Ocho has a sunken ship.

    Other than that the reefs and fish around the reefs are the same. Visibility in Negril tends to be a little farther because the ocean tends to be calmer.


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    We've been twice at CN and once at CTI -- we prefer CN. Definitely calmer water - we missed three dives due to red flags at CTI. That said, I saw the most amazing sea turtle at CTI...swam within a few feet of me!!

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    Thanks Bobby and Lisa, BettyinToronto, and AAS for your feedback.

    Having just been certified last year and not having a lot of experience, it sounds like the CSA/CN side is best for me. We will be at CSS at the end of May/early June and then another week in the MoBay area. Our son does a lot of diving and want to direct him to where the best and most diving options will be.
    Again thanks...

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