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    Traveling to CN in 23 short days. I think id like to rent a jet ski while we are down there...What's the best place to rent them from and any idea's on cost? Do the vendors usually negotiate these kind of things?

    Also how far are we allowed to go? Id like to use it to get a good look at the negril area from the water. Is it better to rent during trading spaces and get them from a vendor near CSA or does it matter?

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    BUMP! We are coming in august for our honeymoon (To CSA or CN) and we are interested in Jet Skiing too!

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    Partyoftwo...i heard back from someone on the TA forums. They rented jetski's from a vendor right next door to CN and got them for $120 for 90 minutes. They took them down along Bloody bay, long bay, and then around to ricks to watch the divers for a few...they made it back with 20 minutes to spare!

    I'm really interested in doing this, but I want to make sure there is nothing along the way I should be avoiding. I don't to get in trouble, cause myself any harm, or damage any wildlife!

    Anyone else ever take this trip? Sounds like a blast! Id be interested in taking my snorkel along for a possible impromptu to dive!

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    At CN just to the right you will see them for rent. $80 for an hour and you will have a blast.

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