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    Default Negril questions

    We will be staying at Negril for our 30th anniversary in August. Negril was the first resort we ever
    stayed at. We are trying to figure out when things take place at Negril. It will be three years since we
    have been there. We went to CSS two years ago and this will be our first time back home since. Could
    someone please tell us which night is lobster night? Also when is the repeaters dinner, the beach party and what days are the cat (Booze) cruise scheduled?

    172 days and counting :-)


    Tim & Janet

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    Below is the activities from Couples Negril. Lobster night is Friday and repeaters dinner is Monday. The Catamaran cruises are under activities. If you go to the Negril site and investigate, I believe all your questions will be answered. 4 days and 2 hours until touching the white sand beach at Couples Negril..

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    Default Jealous

    So jealous of you smroot! We are still 22 days away from landing!

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    Thanks smroot. Somehow I missed it when I was looking. The only thing I could not find was the cat
    cruise schedule but we will find out when we get there. Can't wait!!!!!

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    Glad to help, sorry about the Catamaran I have seen the schedule and thought it was also under the activities. Someone must have posted it on the message board somewhere. And jwrichte, I will be jealoze of you when you are there and I am back here.

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