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    We didn't really pay attention when we were at CSA the first time so any information about the Repeters Dinner would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Mon. night. Coctails at 6:30, dinner at 7:30. Last time we went they had 2 seatings. You will get an invitation when you check in at arrival. One year, cocktails were at 7:30, with dinner at 8 [last April]. Sometimes, depending who you are dinning with, it can become a long eve., you might not make friends, but you can always get up. A big thing is who from the resort sits at your table. This can go both ways. Anyway, the food is always great. Gotta love it.

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    You also usually have someone that works at the resort at your table (managers etc). We ended up chatting with a really nice couple from Kansas City two years ago and ran into them everywhere at the resort. My hubby happened to have a business trip to KC recently and met up with them for dinner! You should definitely go - you meet some great people.

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