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    Default Pre-check in

    Did I read somewhere that you can pre-check in online?
    Do they mean pre-check in for the Romance Rewards package or pre-check in to the resort?

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    The pre-check in is for Romance Rewards and also for your mini bar selections. I just did our pre-check in for CTI. We'll be arriving 2/23!
    CTI - Nov 06, Mar 11, Feb 12
    CSS - Sep 07, Sep 11, Sep 14
    CNG - Sep 08, Feb 09, Sep 09, Nov 10, Sep 12
    CSA - Jun 13

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    Thanks for replying. I thought that's what it was.
    I pre-registered for the Romance Rewards package a while ago.
    Leaving for CSS on 2/22!
    Have a great time!

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    Register for Romance Rewards and you can do the pre check in. If you are a repeater, this means that they will have you gift choice waiting for you when you arrive. But it also means that all of your paperwork will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive, and it makes the checkin process much faster. You can also select your mini-bar choices during pre-check in, which worked great.

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