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    Default The dream that keeps us alive

    Here we are once again. An eclectic group of supposed "grown-ups", and I use that term very loosely, giggling and grinning and carrying on as though we were six year old children on their way to a land straight out of a book of fairy tales. A kingdom that has magical influences that will completely envelope our minds and our bodies and will unleash unbridled, unrestricted, unimaginable joy and happiness.

    We are absolutely without a modicum of shame or guilt as we unabashedly display our feelings of overwhelming excitement, while we prepare to gather, once again, at the tropical oasis in a far away land of endless sunshine, warm waters, and loving people.

    For some, it will be the very first time that they will get to experience what, up until now, has only been told to them by those that have gone before. Now, they too, will know the love and camaraderie that they have been reading about for so many weeks and months. No longer will they have to be denied the pleasures that have been written on the sacred board of messages. Soon, they will feel the soft warm sand beneath their feet, as they stroll the shoreline of a Caribbean island. Calm and quiet waters will wash over the footprints they leave behind.
    There will be tantalizing aromas that will reach their olfactory senses and they will breath in delicious fragrances of mouth watering West Indian delicacies.
    The chalk white walls of the palace where they soon will reside, are flanked by the bright blue curtain above and the variegated lushness of palm trees and zoysia grass.
    Newcomers stand in utter amazement inside the lobby of this fortress that has hosted Hollywood’s kings and queens. Now, these first time travelers that have arrived from lands both near and far, will themselves, be soothed and comforted by the many men and women who are the guardians and keepers of this sacred alter of pleasures.

    And for those of us who have already visited this enchanted dreamscape, we will be greeted by warm smiles and warm hearts of those that we have met before. We are welcomed home. Welcomed back to the place that has filled our days and nights with beautiful dreams and fond memories. We return to, once again, laugh and play, savor scrumptious meals, enjoy liquid refreshments prepared for us by young and oh so talented tenders of the bar.

    For all of us, newcomers and repeaters alike, the days and weeks that precede our journey, are thrilling and breathtaking. Long before the silver sparrow leaves our homelands, the anticipation consumes our thoughts for days on end. We look forward to every moment in every new day, and dream of sultry nights under the canopy of a starlit sky.

    For now, we all must be content to slowly count off days one by one. With each period of time that fades away, we know it is bringing us that much closer to the visions we hold in our memory.

    None of us could ever have imagined the emotions that keep our hearts beating so quickly day after day as we wait so impatiently to return. For now, we remain neither here nor there. Held in limbo, and so anxious to re-enter the space of eternal splendor.

    Soon come my friend, soon come.

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    Crabracer, I so enjoy reading your posts. I can always relate to the feelings you express about returning "home". In 34 days we will once again feel the magic in the air when we arrive in that most beautiful country and are greeted by her wonderful people. For weeks now I have been unable to think of anything else and soon the suitcases will be brought up so that we can begin to prepare for our departure. Every day brings us closer to the smiles and warm greetings of the wonderful staff of CSA who have truly become a part of our family. This year will be particularly special to us as my husband has been struggling with medical issues that have made us truly reflect on what is important to us. We so want to spend time in our favourite place with those who have touched our lives. In many ways, the thought that we can return is what has kept us going through all of this. Once again, thank you for your reflection on what Couples means to certainly touched my heart.

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    Well said!

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