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    Default CTI- Private Dinner 2/18 Advice Needed

    I emailed the couples conceirge back on February 1st inquiring about the private beach dinner at CTI for my upcoming trip. They sent back the menu and credit card authorization form if I wished to pay in advance, and the email I received from them included the verbiage "return it to us with an indication of the day, time, menu and place that you would like to reserve along with the back and front copies of the credit card for payment. It comes at a cost of US$170 for two. You can scan/email to
    If you wish to pay at the resort instead, please indicate this on the authorization form"

    This lead me to believe that I could choose a different menu as the current one does not appeal to me at all. I emailed them back to inquire about this and never got a response.
    Upon follow up today, they were quick to reply and sent the Tower Island dinner menu which was a lot more to my tastes, but informed me that there were no available times on Satuday.
    I purposely was looking at Saturday as it seems most the restaurants are closed then for a gala. My boyfriend and I are not 'gala' dinner types.

    Does anyone have any advice/ experience with this? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi metsgirl. I'm debating the same and was going to attempt to contact cti about menus, dates, and $.
    Wondering if you wouldn't mind forwarding me the menus? If you aretoo busy getting ready, I understand. Will be there in 12 days! Yippee!

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    Please clarify what you're asking. We've done dinners on the beach and island, as well as customized menus a bit. I'm just not sure what the underlying question is...

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    Hi Jen, I will forward now.

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    We did the private dinner at CTI in September. We booked once we got to the resort and had no trouble getting a date. We didn't get to pick the menu, but we were served lobster so I wasn't complaining! =) I would HIGHLY recommend the private island dinener over the beach dinner. It was a night that I will never forget!

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    The Gala night is wonderful!! It is a buffet with lots of different types of food from all different countries. They have a lot of true Jamaican dishes, I remember a Sushi bar, American dishes and sooooo much more. The dessert bar was to die for.

    Personally this is the one night I would not miss.

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    We've done the private dinner and it is great. Highly recommend it.

    If there are no openings and you do not want to do the gala, room service with dinner on your balcony is a nice alternative.

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    If you were able to book a private dinner on Saturday, it wouldn't be very private as the gala is going on right above you. If you don't want to do the gala, which is really just the buffet, a little fancier with more food and the "dessert room" as I call it at the pool grill, it looks like 8 Rivers is open and they now have room service until 11:00.

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    The problem with the private dinner on the Gala night is that manyof the private dinners are on the beach which during Gala night is where all the dinner and entertainment is occuring. YOu don't have to set with other couples at the Gala and it is truly a hihglight to our trip Give it a shot and book your're romantic dinner for a time day that doesn't conflict...just a suggestion
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