We were at CN in March 2010 and again the first week of January 2012. We love CN and the Bloody Bay beach!

We never had a problem getting a lounger anytime of the day, during either visit, on the beach. We noticed there were a lot more "pool people" this last trip. There were rarely loungers available around the pool during the day. We would usually play tennis until 10am each morning and then have breakfast, and noticed by then that all pool loungers were taken.

However, we noticed a huge difference in the floaties/pads available on the beach this last trip compared to 2010. There were many loungers on the beach without floaties, and many of the floaties on the beach were in very bad shape with big, deep rips and they appeared dirty and "rotten" (maybe it's mold/mildew?). I know the floaties get sprayed off everyday by the watersports crew so it's not lack of care, I think it's just due to wear and tear. The floaties at the pool are always in great shape.

I hope they replace the old floaties because many are quite gross to lay on, and the loungers without floaties are virtually unusable because they are so uncomfortable!!