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    Default 2013 Rates

    My wife and I are looking to go back to CN for our anniversary next year. Does anyone have any idea on when rates for 2013 will be available and when we can book?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Randymon promised by the end of this week. Come on Randymon. It's Thursday already. I thought for sure I'd find them today by lunchtime. I know I have no patience.

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    Hopefully soon. Once I book, it seems to make each day a bit happier.
    Mark & Sylvia

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    Lots of us are waiting on this answer. Can't wait to see the promotion Randymon is cooking up.

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    Randymon...YAH thanks for posting the 2013 Early Bookings. There are some great deals and the prices look pretty good. We want to go back to CN next year to meet up with friends we met there last year. We usually stay in a Deluxe Beachfront but we are thinking we can't pass up the deal on the Deluxe Garden. We are heading to CSS this April but we will be booking for next year before we leave this year. Anyone..are the Deluxe Garden rooms the same as the Deluxe Beachfront. There are no pictures of the Garden room. The rooms and views of CN don't compare to CSS but then again the beach at CSS does not compare to the beach at CN. We gain something at each resort so we go back and forth between the two resorts.

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