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    Default Scuba Medical Questionnair

    I read on one review (unable to find it again) that a certified diver had been refused the use of the complimentary free dive per day because he had not completed the scuba medical questionnaire before he arrived at the resort.
    In the Scuba-Diving PDF it states:
    Please review the medical questionnaire (hyperlink). Complete this form if you have a medical condition that may require a doctor's waiver. Make sure to get the appropriate waiver before arriving at the resort (the form must be stamped by the physician / medical facility. You must bring the original form—faxes and photocopies cannot be accepted). Scuba medical form:
    Not having a medical condition that requires a doctor’s waiver I had not planned to complete this form.
    Considering the posters experience, I do not want to arrive in resort and find they require the form completed by all divers.
    Can anyone advise?
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    If you do not have a medical condition, you do not need to fill out this form. When you get to the resort, go to the dive hut. The dive guys will give you a form there. This one asks various questions and if you answer yes to any of them, then you will need the doctors form. If you answer "no" to all questions, your'e gonna get wet! Make sure you bring your certification card with you. That's it, have a blast.

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    To me, it seems like you need to have it filled out before you go. Thanks for making this post, as we will fill it out and have our doctors sign it just to be sure that we get to go. I'd err on the side of caution, rather than be disappointed.

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    I would hate to arrive and not be able to dive. We are over 55 so I think you have to fill it in whether you have a condition or not. We both take medication so we have to. We go to our local GP every August to get it completed and signed-off by him. No cost as we are Canadian. We give the original to CN and keep copies for our dive trips in January & May (this year April).

    Better safe than sorry
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    If you know that you have a condition which is identified on the PADI form as a potential medical contraindication to SCUBA, you must have a doctor's clearance in order to dive. You may elect to see a doctor in Jamaica to obtain the clearance, but this is an additional cost, inconvenient and may not result in a clearance. Better to use your own doctor who is familiar with your medical history.

    All divers must fill out the PADI medical questionnaire at CN, whether or not you have any medical conditions. No exceptions.

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    You absolutely DO have to fill out this form at any PADI dive shop in the world, before you can dive. If you answer yes to any of the health conditions, you are required to see a doctor and get clearance and the doctor's signature on the form. If you print the one off online, they will still make you fill out their form at the resort. If you have no medical conditions, no worries. If you look at the form online and think you will answer yes, then go see a doctor before you g0 and have him/her sign the form. They will attach the signature page to the one they have you fill out again at the resort.

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    where do you find the form,?

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    A friend and I just did a dive a cruise ship. We had to fill out the first page of the form and sign it (neither of us has any of the problems listed). My friend had actually gone to the doctor for a physical and had it filled out (because she though it was necessary) and they didn't even take those pages from her.
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    You have to fill in a PADI Medical Questionnaire in every PADI dive establishment. If you have none of the conditions or contraindications on the questionnaire you will be able to dive. My advice is to view the questionnaire and answer the questions honestly. If you have a YES to any of the questions go to your Doctor and consult him. If he feels that it is safe for you to dive then ask him to write a letter of authorisation to state that is the case and take it to Negril with you. The dive staff can take a copy and keep it for their records. Also ensure that you have dive insurance either as part of your travel insurance or separate to cover your holiday/vacation (sorry I'm English).... In Spain where we live, it is LAW to have dive insurance... I am a PADI Instructor.... Happy diving guys .

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    Can someone post a link to the form? I'm trying to find it and haven't had any luck - looks like I will need to see my Dr this week.

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    dank120 is correct - Even if you don't answer yes to any of the questions you still need to fill out the form, you can print off the paperwork now, fill it out and bring it with you or get it from the dive shop on your sign up day. They also have a page that is not available thru the website that you will have to fill out on the spot.

    The first time we went diving at Couples I answered 'yes' to allergies/hayfever, even though it wasn't bothering me at the time. I was told to go to the resort doctor to get cleared to dive. So, $50 later, I was cleared, but I could have used that money on a night dive instead.

    Dive insurance is a good idea. We're from southern Ontario and we only dive on vacation but a couple years ago we signed up for coverage thru DAN - Diver's Alert Network in the US. It gives us peace of mind and they have varying degrees of coverage to suit each person's needs.

    Happy diving!!!

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    I am not padi certified. When I got certified 20 years ago I was naui certified and still have my original card. Will this be a problem? I average around 20 2 tank dives a year (mostly for lobster) and always use the same dive shop. I havent needed to show my c card in 20 years. Even when diving in Mexico and belize.

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    Hi Nowa, Your certification should be acknowledged with the equivelent PADI qualification. It is worth checking this out with Couples before you go. Having your logbook would be advisable as would checking out the medical questionnaire before you travel. I'm shocked you have not showed your card. All reputable establishments would ask to see your qualifications before you dive with them..

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