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    This will be our 3rd visit to CSA when we go in March 2012.

    We are from Scotland and keen golfers. To date we have not played in Jamaica, however would love to play in March. Can anyone provide details of the standard of course, golf equipment supplied, caddy fees etc

    Jake and Ann x

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    The Course is called Negril Hills ( and is ... rustic. I have played there many times and I enjoy it for what it is. The course layout does not make a lot of sense in places. It can be fun if you don't go there expecting a really nice golf course. The scenery is outstanding, the goats are cute, and I would recommend staying away from the bull if you see him. (The Bull is sometimes staked out near one of the fairways but he is tied, not running loose.)
    Transportation and greens fees are included in your A-I package but you need to pay the caddy fee (around $15 US) and Cart fee (About $18 US per person) unless you decide to walk. It is not an easy course to walk though, it is not particularly long but there are a lot of hills to climb. Plan also to tip your caddy around $20 for 18 holes and be sure to get them something cold to drink from the drink cart from time to time. Some people think that the caddy gets the caddy fee you pay in the clubhouse but only a small part of that fee goes to the caddy. The course takes the bulk of that, so the caddies are working mainly for tips and many days the only round of golf they get might be the one they get with you. The caddies are knowledgeable and enjoyable to talk to.
    There is no equipment provided. If you don't bring your own clubs you can rent a set for $18 to around $40 (again.. US dollars) depending on what kind of clubs you want. I would suggest that you pack and bring your own golf balls though as they charge way too much for them at the courses in Jamaica.
    All the best! Have fun!

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    Thanks for all the information. We are definitely going to give it a try this visit and will look out for the bull !!

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    Jake and Ann,
    The golfing is well worth the money paid. Our last time at CSA we went on two different days. Take the advice and get the cart. The heat and humidity otherwise will ruin your day. Also, the caddies are mandatory and they know every inch of the course. Trust them with every shot and especially the putts. I lost an extra $5.00 to my caddie when I disagreed with the line he gave me. Thought I was absolutely sure that my putt would break right and slow down as it approached the hole. He placed the flag stick where he wanted me to hit it, I thought he was messing with me. He told me, if you hit it here and miss, you get $5.00 off my fee, if you make it I get extra $5.00. Putt dropped straight in from 15 feet.
    Also, if you take your clubs with you please take a couple extra clubs from an old set. You will meet young kids on the course that want to play the game but they cannot afford golf equipment. Take your stray cast offs and donate them. Even if they accept and sell them, better for them than sitting in your garage collecting dust.


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    My husband and I also do a lot of golfing through the year. If you are from Scotland and are keen golfers, you will be disappointed. The club choices for rental were a joke...mismatched clubs and worth about $2 to rent when they charged much more than that. Very humid, even in early Nov. .... all four of us were dehydrated when we returned to the resort and believe me we drank lots of gatorade while alcohol. I would recommend skipping it. Sorry...wish it was better

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    It is an adventure you should take, just to say that you played golf while in Jamaica. If you go in with your eyes wide open and know what to expect, how can you have a bad time????!!!!

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    Heading to CN in 5 days, and looking forward to playing lots of golf while I am there. I am planning my first round for the afternoon of 29 Feb.

    The course is very hilly, and the name suits the course. We traditionally play nine holes and walk the course. We have walked 18 and were totally exhausted.

    The conditions at Negril Hills have improved a great deal over the past several years.

    We have found that not very many people take advantage of the free golf - all the better for those that do.

    The caddies there are great. If you are planning on playing several times while you are there and you enjoy your caddies, let your caddies, as well as Miss Mary (she runs the Pro Shop) know when you will be coming back and they will be available each time you show up. The tip is traditionally $1 per hole or $10 for 9 or $20 for 18. We have found that the more often we come, we tip a little more each time.

    If you walk, you will have a caddie per person, and if you cart, you will have one caddie per cart - so remember to tip accordingly.

    Since we play 5-6 times over the 14 days we are at CN we always bring our clubs down. Starting last year we also left our clubs at the course for the duration of our vacation - a nice change to not have to drag the clubs back and forth every day.

    As far as costs are concerned, for 9 holes we end up paying approx as much as we pay for a round of 18 holes at one of our local municipal courses here in Ottawa. It is true that it is not a perfectly groomed course, but unless you are playing at a perfectly groomed course at home its fine.

    Listen to the caddies - they know where you should hit and are also good at finding your golf balls when they go astray.

    Any more questions let me know,


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