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    Default Hiring a Driver from CSA to Kingston & Return

    Tried getting a flight in order to see an old friend in Kingston, and other than going via MBJ, the only option appears to be a charter.

    My wife knows that I know the road to Kingston very well, but is reluctant to have me drive the four hours each way, especially as the return leg will be after nightfall.

    The only feasable alternative I see at this stage is to either hire a car and spend overnight in Kingston (why, oh why would we want not to be at CSA!) or to hire a driver to do the driving for us.

    Anybody out there have any experience with hiring a reliable driver for such a journey, and even better, any ideas of the rough cost of such a trip?

    Thanks guys - our 2 week visit to CSA at the end of October can't come soon enough. Rotten summer weather here in Niagara Canada!

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    If you go to the message board there are postings from various drivers...typically the good ones have all types of people posting their thanks to them on the thread.

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    Hi! I'd suggest you talk w/Elvis. I'm betting he'd be quite agreeable to driving you to Kingston... razzl

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    Thanks for the advice, we will follow that up. Ian and Lesley

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    We'll look for him upon our arrival. Someone in reception will point us in the right direction, I'm sure. Thanks so much for the suggestion, Ian and Lesley

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