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    Default B5 and hubby missing the fun

    we just had spent the week from the 9th to the 16th. We met the NEKKED Encounters Club, and they were alot of fun as well as we met many others. Had great times and we will return.

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    Default missing the fun at the resort

    I wanted to comment on this as we are missing the sun, the fun, and the drinks. The staff were terrific. I needed to not stress for just a week. A chance to recharge my batteries and recharge them I did. I hope whoever gets room B5 does not mind the reputation it comes with!!!! lol Jamie Room B5

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    The babe and her husband in B5 were very fun we missed you guys. You clearly were a great addition to the Nekked Encounters Club the group will be in touch with you very soon and we will start planning our next trip.

    B5 will not be the same and I doubt anyone in that room will be able to grab life the way you two do.

    Love you guys. Bill & Julie

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