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    Default Night Life in CSS

    What kind of night life is there in CSS. We are going with another couple and we all love to dance. What kind of music is played and what are the goings on like? Thanks

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    One thing we have learned after having been to all of the Couples, is that at each one, the nightlife is what you make of it. The activities are there if you want to participate. At CSS, they have the nightly entertainment which is different each night. The balloon bar doesn't close until the last person leaves and they have sing-a-longs on most nights. Then on certain nights, they will have a disco party at Sunset Beach. There is also entertainment at the Beach Party and the Gala. You won't ever be bored. Have fun!
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    We saw a band playing outside the Balloon Bar on several evenings. It was mostly a reggae mix, very danceable. The beach bar usually stays hopping until the wee hours most nights. The mento band plays there every evening except Tuesdays (beach party) and Friday (Starlight Gala).

    There are lots of folks looking to have fun and party at CSS. However, it is not a frat party type atmosphere (except when they play bingo shots at the swim-up bar; ouch!).

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    Many nights we did not make it late enough to see the entertainment, but after the Beach Party everyone moved over to Sunset Beach, and we had the staff giving us "shake your bootie" lessons, we had a blast, it continued on into the next day at the beach!!!!! Engage the staff they will make your trip so much more special!
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    Make sure to visit Trevor at the Balloon Bar! He's THE best piano bar entertainer we've ever come across. If you want to dance, go ahead!

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    We didn't do much past 10:00 except for the last night....a big group of us sang Karaoke in the Balloon Bar. What a blast! CSS does get a little quiet at 10:00 but never fear, there is always something to do if you want to!
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