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    Default Looking for my dress!!

    This is my second marriage and I would like a dress with ivory or white and turquoise. Possibly tea length. I am trying to find a gown that will work for my CSA wedding March 21st and also for my reception at home in May. We have not be having attendants but the accent color for the reception will be turquoise. Any ideas????
    Thank you!
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    I am going with a bridesmaid style number is 6548 with ivory and ivory sash b/c I want ivory straps...I am ordering an additional sash in the spa color...

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    I found a dress online from Bali that is all cotton....down to ankles. Very reasonable as well! Company out of California

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    try the cocomyles website. i had intended to use them, but found a dress elsewhere that was very reasonably priced. i am getting married for the second time in 3 weeks @ cti and was very particular about the dress i wanted. cocomyles has a sort of "your own" concept - and i believe you can get a sash in many colors to add your color compliment. good luck and happy shopping!

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    check out the bill levkoff bridesmaids dress style 301. If you go to this website they have all the colors for the sashes too[/IMG]

    I did this for my dress when I got married in april at CTI but I opted for the full length dress in white with a blue sash.

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    I like the Mori Lee Affairs collection. It's a bridesmaid collection in chiffon. All tea length and you can choose whatever color you like. I'm getting a white dress with black sash.

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    Default Thank you!

    Thank you, ladies! Great options.....this will keep me busy for a while!

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    Hah, it has been long since the date you posted this, but I when I read this I can't help writing something to give you ideas since I am fonding of doing this. Here are 2 dresses that you may like

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    Hi JSmith,I am new to this forum..Really i like the dress very much..That too black dress look very beautiful.I am going to purchase azazie Grace dress..Thanks for your sharing in this forum

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    Congratulations first and I would go with wedding gown with illusion lining and off shoulders long enough to touch the floors!

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