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    Default Wedding May 15, 2015-Swept Away or CTI?

    Hi there,

    I am so happy I found this message board! We are really struggling with making the final decision as to where to get married in May 2015. We have narrowed it down to Swept Away or Tower Isle. Any experiences from anyone who has been married at either would be so appreciated please!
    Thank you!

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    Congrats! I am a CSA bride of 2006, so I understand how hard the choice is of which one to pick. Personally I think if you have never been to JA. than Negril is the place to start as it gives you all the things you think of when imagining a perfect destination wedding spot. Plus lol, how romantic is it when friends ask where you were married & you answer "Couples Swept Away"?!? Never been to CTI, so I cannot really comment on it other than the fact that it is smaller and more compact. CSA is bigger and more spread out with lots to explore both on & off the resort in walking distance or a cheap cab ride. In difference of inclusions it would be CTI/Dunn's River Falls vs. CSA/checking out the cool & very close cliff side of Negril at Pushcart or from the provided cat cruise. Other than that, CTI has the all nude island and at CSA you can only go topless on the beach if this is a plus or minus for you. Pretty much both are the same distances from the airport just in different directions.

    Garden area at CSA for a wedding would be more private than beach, but we did beach & had no regrets on the decision. Was just at CSA in August & saw plenty of people get married at both areas. Couples handles each wedding with the same care, so no worries on that no matter which resort you go with. JA. is hot, so keep that in mind when picking a hairstyle. I got my hair done at the resort & thought they did a great job. Just wished I would have went with an updo due to the humidity. We also did sunset pics & thought they were worth the extra cost--granted this was in 2006 & a lot cheaper back then. We went with the free wedding & we were both really satisfied with it all including the flowers they provide as well as the photographer. Again congrats, I hope this helps you a bit in making your choice. And if not perhaps check out Youtube & see which resort appeals to you more then in terms of rooms or even spots for wedding pics

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    I can only say that we had so much fun at CSA for our wedding, we renewed our vows this year and plan to book trip #7 very soon. It truly is a beautiful place. I could email a few pics if you are interested. clemonssara40@gmail.comName:  IMG_20110307_124110.jpg
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    Thank you both so much for your replies! We have decided on couples swept away! We are very happy with our decision! You are right Kristy, about the romance in the name too! Lol

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