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    Default tipping off resort

    when tipping in Jamaican $$ off resort, what is customary. In Mexico we always tip in pesos and are familiar with the currency but this is our first time to Jamaica and I have no idea. Definitely do not want to insult anybody, neither do I want to overspend.

    Funny story... our first trip ever to Mexico, we bought $500 canadian worth of M pesos. Had it figured at the time of ten to one, so a $50P would be $5.00 So we were at lunch our first afternoon there and had planned on leaving the equivalent of a $5.00 tip, but the waiter was SO superb that my husband suggested we leave him $15.00... no problem. Anyway we had a great day, and tipped bartenders every other round, plus a $20 at the end of the day, etc etc....

    woke up the next morning and I asked hubby for some $$ and he said "I don't have any" I am thinking that's impossible we came with $5000.00 pesos.

    Well, Darling Hubby ( who is a finance Big Wig, btw) messed up the exchange rate. Seems we gave our taxi driver a $150.00C tip, the waiter at lunch a $150.00C tip, and so on... needless to say, when that particular waiter was on duty he hustled us to his section... AND we never had to wait for a drink!1 WE did, however have to get an additional sum of pesos out of the ATM and I held on to the cash for the rest of our stay.

    Would really rather not have a repeat of that happen!!!

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    don't bother exchanging, just use US dollars, they prefer it

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    Well, that is, indeed a funny story.

    My suggestion would be to think of your expenditures in terms of USD. That is what the resort and tourism economy is based on in Jamaica, for better or worse. Use the same tipping practices you would use at home... $1 or $2/bag for the porters at the airport, tip for a 75 mile drive to the bus driver, tip for service at the spas (these are contract employees, I'm told), 15-20% when you dine off resort, etc.

    You will find that, unless you wander very far from your resort, everyone deals in USD.


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    Hello Kerlyran,
    US dollars are we take and are usually preferred--in four trips---and with the fifth booked for July---we have never converted any money and haven't had a problem.

    Hope this helps!

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    In less Jamaica takes Canadian money, she's going to have to convert it to something. She's from Canada not the US!

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