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    Default 51 Days.....getting nervous!!!

    Wow the time has flown by!!!! Down to 51 days.....what am I forgetting? I just feel like I'm going to forget to do/bring something!!! How much extra money do we need to bring? How much extra is the salon for hair and makeup? Should I do my makeup myself? What all excursions are available to do off-site? Am I packing too much/too little? Arrggg!!! I'm stressing too much aren't I??

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    Relax everything is going to be wonderful. Hair style at salon starts at $50 and make-up $50. Dont forget tip salon workers. We bring about $300 in small bills.

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    Do I need to bring my own hair clips to put it up or will they have some?

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    Not sure.....I would think they would have them....but not sure.

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    Just relax believe me it will fall into place. We stayed for 2 weeks and brought 1000.00 but we also did some extra excursions that were not included. As far as the wedding expenses there were no hidden surprises for me at all. I must of mailed the wedding coordinator a thousand times for prices of certain extras I wanted. I then sent her an email finalizing the prices and printed that email off and took it with me. The only extra surprise was I had budgeted tip money for the steel band based on a trio, 4 band members showed up so we had to add extra to the tip money. But that was it evertything ran smooth.

    I did my own hair and make-up. As far a hair clips I would bring my own just incase. I would think they would have them but its better to have it covered just incase

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    You guys are great!!! Thank you so much. I'm trying to relax about it all. This is just the first time we have ever taken a trip like this and with getting married there too....I'm guess it's just normal to be nervous. Thanks again. It helps to hear for all of you

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