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    Our favorite room...

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    We left there on Monday morning and the weather was perfect! Slight breeze and the warm water was clear as glass. Met Mr. Issa and his lovely wife - they were delightful. It truly is one of the most idealic spots in Jamaica, and the food can not be beat. Peace!

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    The photos were taken by Mr. Issa from room 3306.
    We share a favorite!

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    There is plenty of shade by both pools and on the beach. I am a blond, blue eyed gal that will burn even with the most powerful sunblock. SHADE is my best friend!! No problem at CTI or CN!

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    Perfect will be when we are standing on that patio, or one very close to it in about 46 days. That's when it will be even more perfect. That room looks like a room from 3206 to 3210. Soon come mon

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    Quote Originally Posted by craig061 View Post
    Is ther any shade around the pool and at the beach ? The pictures that i am seeing on TA does not show any shade..... That would be a major concern. I love the sun, but also need to get out of it at times...... Thanks, Craig
    As Fluffin stated, plenty of shade. It is provided by the swaying palms over head. You are also on the north side of the island, so at the main pool you can be shaded by the buildings in the afternoon. Couples has also added shade sails which are kind of hard to see in some photos, but they are there. Large palms at the swim up bar also provide shade.

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    21 days! Can't cooking, cleaning....sun & fun!

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    Craig don't sweat the shade, you will find there is plenty when needed!

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    Awesome, take a few from Couples Negril as well... 38 days to go :-)

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    39 days and counting until my wife and I return to paradise......can't wait!
    CSA: 2010, CTI: 2011/2012

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    First timer coming in April......Looks SOOOOO beautiful....I'm there already...................

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    Just booked our 2nd trip in 2yrs to CTI(5/10/12 -5/17/12) - I was reading on line that all rooms have mini-bars in them now, Is that correct? When we were there 2yrs ago only the suites and premier rooms had the mini-bars in them. Looking forward to a relaxing vaca at CTI..

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    Premieres didn't even have mini-bars until last July-ish. All rooms now have them.

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    Default We are in 3304

    We are in 3304 right now and although it is windy it is as perfect as it looks. Long flight with a red eye, beach butt today. Off to Dunns River falls tomorrow. Art

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    beautiful pics..........but I didn't see the floating cheese wheels,........ not there anymore? the were fun

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    Oh my gosh...I can't wait for my first sunrise or sunset at CTI...253 days!!! November 19, 2012...I don't think I can handle the wait!

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    Default 144

    144 days and counting! Thanks for posting the beautiful picture!

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    26 days and counting! Cannot wait

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    See you in September!

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    Can' t wait. Save that great weather. Will return on April 18th for 10 days. Tell Kurt and Byron to be ready. My heaven.

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    Can you get your staff to show pictures like this at the other resorts, especially couples negril. We will be coming home in 6 days. Can not wait!

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    16 days until we're home, Randymon. It seems like it will never get here. Thanks for reminding us what we have to look forward to.

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    trying to wait patiently until sept 16th, its not working out too well for me! cant wait til were down there for our honeymoon <3

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    awesome beach , the isle is really amazing... nice photo shoots buddy! best of luck.

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    The sea was horrendous and rough when we were there, beach in Negril is much better

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