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    Default CTI April 3-10, would love to meet some people!

    We're celebrating our 2nd anniversary at CTI April 3rd - 10th, and would love to meet up with some others who'll be there too! Unfortunately, the April Amigos are all there the 12th through, well, later!

    Anyone there when we are?

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    Hey there, we are going to be at CTI April 3rd - 10th as well! Coming from Toronto, Ontario for our honeymoon.

    Look forward to meeting you.


    Jimmy and Kai

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    Posted in the other thread too... When are you guys getting married? The weekend before?

    We should do some online introductions or something so we know who to look for when we get there. Worst case, we're Ed and Jenn, we'll be at the pool bar!

    Heck we might be on the shuttle on the way over together. When's your plane land in Jamaica?

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    Hi..have you looked into the "trading places" feature offered by Couples? On several days a week you are allowed to visit another Couples resort. We will be staying at CSS roughly the same time!
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    Ohio Couple...looking forward to shots of Appleton and Jamaican food and the SSB experience!

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    Ed and Jenn, we are getting married the weekend before. Looking forward to meeting both of you. I'm sure we will be checking out the poolside bar frequently. We arrive in montego bay around 9:30 am on the 3rd. Send us your email if you'd like to get some online intros going, otherwise we will look for you at the bar!


    Jimmy and Kai

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    Chuck and I will be there for my bday and anniversary...much needed break from college and work. We will mostly at the bar, trying to party. U will miss margaritaville that's on Monday, since u come on the third. I hope that the clock slows down, I want to enjoy every minute of it.[[/I]

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    Ed and Jenn - we posted in the other thread. Counting the days!

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    Jimmy / Sao - don't like posting email addresses on public forums so made a throwaway gmail - email me at my forum name at gmail dot com. I'll reply with my real email address

    Are you flying in through a transfer in Charlotte NC? I'm almost positive our flight lands 9:30ish... Might be 9:50. Be funny if it was the same flight.

    Would be great to meet up with some people we "sorta" know already

    As for margaritaville - well pass. Plenty of atmosphere and (free!) booze at couples. I don't see a good reason to go off resort to spend a fortune when everything I could ever want is at the resort...

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    I was looking at some of the posts to see if we knew anyone that may be leaving just before we arrive on the 12.
    I can tell you are all super excited to be going to CTI. This will be one of the best vacations you have ever had.
    This April trip will be our 33 to CTI. Needless to say, we love it. I know that all of you will enjoy it too.


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    Whoops! Not my forum name at gmail - benkart11111 - I forgot my forum name had only one 1 in it

    So, benkart11111 gmail com...

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    We posted in the other thread too. We will be there March 31st-April 7th, so Saturday to Saturday, but looks like we will overlap! Look for Rob and Kelsey. We are such old people at home and go to sleep early so I'm hoping that we have some friends there to hang out with and enjoy ourselves!!

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    Post your email theburchs, or email me at benkart11111 through gmail (trying to hide my email address for spam bots

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    Me and my boyfriend will be at CTI April 7-14.

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    Send me an email at the above address and/or post a pic so we know who to look for!

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    My fiance, Brock and I (Kasandra) will be there from the 4th-11th (Wed-Wed.) We look forward to great drinks and great company!

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    Hey Kasandra and Brock,
    Hope the weather changed for your last few days and you made it home ok. We had a great time and it was nice meeting you two. Sorry we were so "old" and didn't make it too late in the evenings. Something was making us tired!
    Bryan and Avrie

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    Me and my wife will be there from April 6 - 13

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    I am getting married April 7 at CTI..arriving on the 4th and leaving on the 9th. Hopefully i will be able to meet all of you along the way!! Im so excited

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    Congrats! I will plan to be kicked off the island early that day

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    Kassandra and dmaco49 - send me an email at benkart11111 at gmail and lets exchange some info and/or pics so we know who to look for when we're there!

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    I tried to make a GoogleGroup for us to all upload photos, but Google failed. Would it be incorrect to just post a pic here so we can all put them up in one place? _Kas and Brock

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    Since we didnt get many emails, here's a pic of us in the lobby 2 years ago. Look us up! Ed & Jenn

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