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    Default Sun and tanning at CTI

    I am planning a wedding for April 2013 at CTI. I haven't visited any of the Couples resorts, but I have heard great things from multiple people. My only concern is in regards to the resort blocking the sun in the afternoon. My fiancés parents went to CTI in November of 2011 and they said that you would have to lay out on the pier if you wanted to tan in the afternoon. Is the true year round or does it change throughout the year?

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    It wasn't true in March last year. The shadow of the resort didn't cover where we were on the beach until after 5:00, and by then I was ready for an ice cream cone, a nap in the room and a cocktail before dinner...not necessarily in that order :-)

    Hope that helps!

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    We've gone in Aug and Oct. You could lay in the sun until about 4 in October when the sun went behind the building. No problem like that in Aug. I would think that April would be similar to October, if not have even more sun expousure.

    Note - Island does not suffer this problem.

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    It depends on the time of year.

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    We just returned from CTI. You can also get sun at the pool by the patio buffett till 4o or so. That's a pretty full day of sun bathing! Have fun..

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    Thanks everyone! You have definitely eased my mind! I just didn't want to disappoint any of my sun-worshiping guests.

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