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    I'm getting married 10-1-12 an I was wondering about the hair stylist at CSA. I have short to med length hair. I'm not any good at doing my hair. Thought about just cutting it real short but wanted to check here first to see what you all say about the hair stylist at the resort. Thanks for any help you can give.

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    They did an amazing job on bridesmaid and my hair for my vow renewal. And it held up all day

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    I was married at CSA in April 2012 and have short to medium length thick hair. Same as you, I'm not very good at doing my hair. I had the salon do my hair. I took a picture of myself when it was done once before here in the US and showed it to her and she made it look exactly the same. It was perfect. Colinette was who did my hair. I didn't request her but feel like I was lucky enough to get her and she did a great job. I went back and had it done another day for more pictures because it rained on our wedding day and she came in an hour early on a Sunday just to do my hair again. Made it look perfect again and she didn't need to see the picture the second time. Good luck on making your decision, but I think you will be perfectly happy letting one of the girls there do your hair.

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    Thank you so much for your help.

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